More than Just a Fictional Piece


Hayley Reyes Leon

Anne with an E is a phenomenal piece it touches on many societal pieces that have been found and continue throughout history, it touches on feminism and the difficulty women had to go through to live in society, the unfairness that even continues till this day. The racism that was brought to the plot gives a visual of how unlikely it was for a person of color and a white person to hang out and how they have this perception of how they are but in reality, they aren’t any different from others. I recommend many to watch Anne with an E because I believe it helps you get in-depth on how society was back in the day, and the struggles many had to deal with and continue. Having people with a bigger and deeper understanding will help people have a voice to speak up and inspire them to have a voice. 


 Throughout Anne with an E, Anne faces the difficulty in finding herself and knowing what she wants. She faces difficulties with bullies at school which affected her mentally. Anne thought she was better being an at-home woman willing to learn how to be a wife. She first tried it and wanted to prove she was capable of doing more than a woman can do, so she decided to do farm work women were unlikely to do. She did like it in the beginning but she knew she wanted more. She wanted the opportunity to be someone in the world. Which sends out such a phenomenal message to people that they are more than what society wants them to be. They can be something they always dreamed of. Anne was always protective of her friends so when she saw these boys lift up their skirts she was furious and said “A skirt is not an invitation”. Which sends out that no matter what a person wears it does not mean that they are asking for something. This message in particular stands out to me and should be spread around because it is very important especially now in society that it’s still a very common issue that hasn’t been cleared. This acknowledges that a woman can wear whatever they want and it doesn’t define them or make a statement.


   This summer, I traveled to Mexico where I was struck by how sexism still prevails and hasn’t changed there. There, girls must either learn how to be wives at a young age or study to become important people, which isn’t an option for many because they think it’s better to be a wife to their husbands. Because women don’t have the same privileges as males, they aren’t given the chance to be more than just wives, their rights are curtailed and their opinions aren’t taken seriously, I found it to be incredibly aggravating. By promoting the understanding of this among a growing number of people watching and reading Annes’ story can change the perception of the world.


Reading Anne with an E opened my eyes and perspective on the world. It made me more open-minded to history and to how society still goes by what was once very common. I recommend this book to not just my generation but to further so they can make a change or impact in this world. I believe these are important messages that can motivate younger and older audiences to make a change and have their voices heard.`