Abortion Should Be Legal


Every woman should have the right to do whatever they want with their body no matter the reasons why they choose to do it. If a woman decides to have an abortion, that is their decision. They have the option to keep the baby or not because they are the ones who are going to have the responsibility of taking care of the baby and who are going to carry the baby for nine months. 


The reasons don’t matter what a woman does with their body, but the number one reason why a woman may decide to abort is because of work, education, or time. Most women work and don’t have enough money to stay home, especially if they live alone. Teenagers and women in college are still in school and can’t miss their classes to care for a child. This affects them if they care about work or school, and especially if they are planning their future. 


Another reason for getting an abortion is that they don’t want to be a single mother. There are a lot of single mothers struggling with finances, or who have someone take care of the baby and can’t spend time with them because of work. Women may choose to abort because it’s difficult for anyone to do all of that, especially single mothers. They don’t feel responsible enough to take care of a baby if they are a single mother who does not have the time to spend with them or the money to provide for them. Being a single mother also isn’t easy if the father isn’t cooperating with finances for the baby or isn’t involved at all. 


Most of the women who decide to abort are young women who don’t think they have the support of their families. A child should grow up in a family that would love them, not in one where a family would constantly keep telling them thingslike “You were a mistake,” or “I wish I never had you.” That can affect the child and damage their self-worth. Women may get an abortion if they are young or still teenagers and not at the age that someone typically has a baby since they still have a future ahead of them. Many families don’t accept their daughter having a child at a young age. They might kick them out, or even make them start working so they can “understand” how difficult it is to earn money to feed a kid. These fears make a woman realize they are not capable of taking care of a baby. Or they could be carrying a baby who wasn’t planned and became pregnant as a result of a sexual assault. To a woman, the baby can be a reminder of what happened to them. 


Some people say, “What if the father wants to keep it?” The question is, does the mother want to? They are the ones that are carrying the baby, not the father. The right thing is for a woman to decide on her own, and only giving her your opinion if she asks you for it. That would be the only appropriate time to give an opinion on it. Nobody should decide for them, especially if they are the ones who are going to go through the pain and hardships. 


A medical condition could be another reason why a woman wants to have an abortion. They can get pregnant, but find out afterward that neither of them would survive. It’s something that happens to a lot of women. If the baby is going to be born with a disability and the parents feel like they are not capable of taking care of someone with disabilities they may decide to have an abortion instead. It doesn’t happen too often that some people do decide to have an abortion because of this, even if the child can have medical conditions. When finding out that someone can’t have a child because of a condition that they might have, the only life that matters is the woman.


It’s the same thing if they want to keep it, and if the father wants to abort, the mother doesn’t have to do what the father says. It is not his choice to keep it or not, and it doesn’t matter if he is the father. Everyone should have the right to have their own opinions, but somebody can’t make decisions for someone else’s body. A man shouldn’t be the one deciding if a woman is allowed to have a baby or get an abortion. Some people consider abortion murder, which is not the case. Abortion has to be done within a certain period of time. A fetus doesn’t start to develop until around two months. Before the two months, it is not a baby, it is just a cell. Therefore, abortion is not murder.


In conclusion, men like to decide what a woman can do with their body since they are the ones who decided to ban abortions. Before they would’ve made the decision to ban abortions, they should’ve asked the women if they agree with it and their opinions on abortion. When talking about a woman’s body, a man shouldn’t have the right to give their opinion on it, they should keep their own opinions to themselves. A woman should have the right to do whatever they want with their body.