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Post February 10, 2019

4:34 am 

-> (Saturn) I think there’s something outside.

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> I just wanted to thank everyone for the love they sent my way. It’s been a while since I last posted. Here’s what went down; I stayed the night at the parking lot, which was probably not the best decision looking back on it. While sleeping, I woke up to a knock, it was a middle-aged man asking if I had a place to stay the night. He invited me to stay the night at his place. I declined, but he tried to persuade me by mentioning a dangerous man on the loose. I still declined his offer due to the off-putting circumstances and the lack of faith. Before he left, I called out to him and asked if the information he gave me was factual. He reassured me it was, adding that the dangerous man was supposedly roaming the area for 5 weeks and was convicted for 1st-degree murder. This scared me, to say the least. Around 5 weeks ago, the chair appeared. My blood ran cold but I needed more information. I asked how he did it, but I was given an unsatisfying answer. He supposedly stalked his victims and attacked them during the night. Before he departed, he told me to be safe and to keep the door locked and closed no matter what, which frightened me as he said it in a low cold voice.

It was hard to sleep after hearing all of this. Yet morning came slowly and I decided to contact the police. I informed them about my situation and concerns about the loose murderer and they agreed to sweep me out of the thick forest. I went home but was too scared to go inside so I sat in the driveway, waiting for the police. Once a few cops cars arrived I stepped out and told them the situation of my being watched. Of course, I left the chair part out as they wouldn’t have believed me if I said a chair resurrected from the dead. They set out to the woods in different small groups and I insisted on accompanying them, they reluctantly agreed. The forest itself isn’t as wide but it can be enough for someone to get lost from time to time. My group didn’t find anything besides a few granola bar wrappers. As we made our way back some other group reported seeing a small shallow cave containing water, clothes, and the same type of granola bars we saw. This resulted in them doing a full search while I remained in an old rundown hotel. I didn’t mind it as much as they would be searching for the source of the weird chair. 

After a few weeks of searching, they found him. I was having a crisis when I was informed that a serial killer was behind all of this. I returned home and now I can feel safe in my own home, again thank you for listening to my crazy story. I don’t blame you if you think this is fake as I would have to yet I’m eternally grateful for all of you!



> Mamamia: Thank god you’re safe! We were so worried!

> RexOrangeCountyfan1001: OMG WE THOUGHT YOU DIED!!!