Image via Miro

Image via Miro

Raquel Gonzalez Lopez, Writer

Post-January 29, 2019

2:15 am 

-> (Saturn) I think there’s something outside.

> I know this sounds crazy, maybe that’s why I can’t go to anyone…. but I’m hoping I can get help here or at least some reassurance. Here’s the thing, I think there’s something outside my house. It’s not the typical strange noises coming out of the forest every night or so. So, I (21f) share a small home with my roommate (22f), the home itself is surrounded by a thick forest. As you can expect, I accepted, as the rent was cheap. My roommate is known for pulling pranks, I couldn’t complain as she never really stepped out of line but it has been a nuisance every now and then. Everything was fine until I noticed a chair outside my window, facing my room. I thought nothing of it. Until the next day, it moved closer, again, I ignored it but couldn’t help but feel a bit uneasy. This became the norm for a few days, moving bit by bit, I assumed it was one of my roommate’s pranks. While it was funny at first, I started to get concerned. I confronted her later on. She responded with, “What? What are you talking about? That wasn’t me..” Admittedly, shivers rolled down my spine, I gave her a serious look as I wasn’t in the mood. “Dude, I’m serious, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I walked away from the conversation as I was a bit annoyed. I didn’t know what to believe but decided to put it to the test, as she would be gone for a week to visit her family up north.

She set off not long ago, yet the chair still inched closer and closer. This is when panic sets in. Conflicted, I wanted to call the cops. However, there wasn’t much of a lead and not many people lived close by. I continued to ignore it until I lost it after a bad day at work. I saw the chair when getting out of my car and I had enough. I did what any reasonable person would do. I smashed it. It felt good letting all the frustration out. I was tired but content and I went to sleep without giving much thought after I broke it. However, by the next morning… The chair was there. Not on its usual spot in front of my window facing my room, no. This time it was on our porch. Not in front of the door but instead tugged away near the left wall, I didn’t notice it at first, but it caught my eye as I was heading towards my car. I froze, as it intensely stared at me… it seemed infuriated. I was surprised I didn’t pee myself as I felt a cold wave past my body. As I stood there, I noticed it was in the exact condition as it was before. Still containing similar old rustic scratches and patches of discoloration. I ran inside and gathered my things and set off to work. My shift ended and I’m currently typing this outside the parking lot. I’m hesitant about going back… I don’t have a clue on what to do, I might sleep here tonight. Any ideas on what to do? I’m scared I might be losing my mind but I’ll keep you guys posted.



> YummyTeeth: You should contact the authorities!! Better safe than sorry…

> PicksyourBoogers09: I got a weird question, how does the chair look?

   > (Creator) Saturn: Sorry for the bad quality, it was taken at night and I was on the 2nd floor.