Tennis for Two


Image via Makematic

Litzy Gonzlaez Rosas, Writer

Have you ever wondered what the first video game was made? The first game was named Tennis for Two. This game was created by a physicist named William Higinbotham, at the time he was working in the Brookhaven National Laboratory instrumentation group. As he was working there people would go into the lab and take a tour around. William was responsible for making an exhibit show for the intervention work and that’s where the first video game was made. He  thought it was a great idea to capture people’s interest by creating an interactive demonstration, after that he started to begin working on a game he build basic things for the game, and draw many blueprints, and after two weeks of building the game he was done making the first video game, and it was called “ Tennis for Two.” Players would turn a knob to adjust the angle of the ball and press a button to hit the ball towards the other player. The players also had to keep the score for themselves. The game was very simple and the game was quite a hit in the lab! The visitors loved to play the game when they visited the lab, and William put more things in the game and a bigger screen. And after two years the game had retired the computer they used to make the game had other uses and so William designed a new display that showed cosmic rays passing through a spark chamber. William didn’t think his game would be so popular and that video games would become something big someday.