the garden


Image via Ology Draw A Butterfly Challenge

Cadynce Harmon, Writer

The garden will always be my place of comfort. Its orchestra of bluebirds and blissful aroma are enough to make me feel at home. The assortment of flowers seem to make their own bouquet, so no one can mold them or tell them how to be. The owls only appear at night, when the stars form their constellations like sheet music is guiding the owls’ tune. In the morning, the birds make their way into the world, unable to see anything but the good. The weeping willows seem so mournful that they draw me in almost close enough to hug them.

 There isn’t a bit of the outside world peeking through the trees, only the sun up above so dearly craving to be a part of this divine palace we call our own. Yes, our own. I share this wonderful place with the butterflies. I speak to them all the time, something I did not know was possible until about two years ago. I always tried, but I suppose the universe denied my request. We have the dearest conversations about, “Have you seen the color of that one beautiful flower today?” or, “It hasn’t rained in so long, I’m surprised the trees aren’t shriveled up yet.” That’s a weird realization: It hasn’t rained since I’ve stayed here. I’ve been in this garden for two years, but who am I to complain? Me, a little girl who could do nothing all day but admire the creations before me and converse with the truest friends I’ve ever known? 

Well, I will not be leaving this heaven anytime soon. Although, I do miss my mother. I wonder how she is, and if she misses me. Of course, she misses me! She’s wondering where I must be! No, she knows I am in the garden. If she wished to see me, she would join me. I see her now and I’m almost tempted to wave, but something in my mind turns me against the idea. I am quite surprised she hasn’t called for me or even looked out the window. It’s almost as if she has forgotten about me like I am not a part of her world any longer. I don’t mind. I would do anything to stay here forever, even give up dinner time. However, I have not been feeling a bit of hunger, and that’s quite odd. Maybe that’s just what a wondrous place like this one does to you? All of your needs are fulfilled with glorious hints of heaven. 

Lately, the butterflies have been talking about me though, and it makes me a little bit sad because I’m afraid of what they might be saying. “Do you think she knows?” is what I heard that brought me to the conclusion that they must be talking about me. Not anything bad I hope, I would never do so to them. What do I not know? I’m not sure if I really care all that much, I have no worries. I’m sure the butterflies are looking out for me. They helped me remove all dirt from my clothing when I first decided to remain in the garden forever. They were also the ones who helped me fill that enormous hole in the ground, although where that came from, I do not think I’ll ever know. I don’t mind. This is my home now, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.