Heritage Edition – The Legacy of Tamyra Mensah-Stock


Image via NY Times

Ella Taplin, Editor

As a female wrestler myself, it warmed my heart to see this wonderful woman win the gold medal at this year’s Summer Olympics. Not only is she an amazing athlete, but she also accomplished being the first black woman to win a gold Olympic Medal in Women’s Wrestling. Personally, this woman has impacted my view on women’s empowerment and left me with a whole new perspective of what other women and myself are capable of in the world of Women’s Wrestling. 

Tamyra started her wrestling journey in grade 10, in Katy, Texas. Within her first year of wrestling, she placed second at the state championships, but this was just the beginning for Stock. While track and field was her main sport, she quickly made the shift to focusing on wrestling. After her state placement during her first year, she told a friend that they would be Olympians one day. Turns out she not only became an Olympian, but she continues to leave a huge positive mark. In an article from The New York Times, she stated that “The sport not only unlocked her athletic ability but also helped her develop confidence.” Stock’s number one priority since she began wrestling was to make an impact and help other women athletes realize their strength and power in the world of wrestling that is so dominated by male athletes. 

She had her mind set on the prize. She took inspiration from so many amazing Black female wrestlers before her such as Toccara Montgomery and Randi Miller. Stock spoke on the fact that they paved the way for her, and made her realize what she was capable of and what she wanted to achieve. 

No obstacles along the way stopped Stock. Even after the tragic loss of her father, she kept her goals in line and went for them headfirst. She went on to marry Jacob Stock, a fantastic wrestler. With his support and her determination, she qualified to be a part of the U.S. Olympic Team in 2016 (“The Incredible Story of Tamyra Mensah-Stock”). To qualify to compete in Rio, she had to place second at each competition on the way but fell short at third place. Although she was not competing, she still traveled with her team, watching them make history. This fueled her fire to make her placement at the Olympic Games this past year. She came back hot and heavy and won her gold medal at the Summer Olympic Games this past year in April 2021. 

After her win, she said, “It gets frustrating knowing that you’re capable of doing something and it’s been pushed back again and again and again, but it’s finally here. I can finally call myself an Olympian” (Intermat Wrestling). She never quit, she pushed through every aspect that pushed her back. Tamyra is truly an inspiration to so many female wrestlers and athletes around the world. She has made her name known, and she continues to do so every day. 

Stock’s motivation is knowing the impact that she is making on so many young women and athletes. She wants to be a representation of strong women all over the world. Her goal is to have people look at her accomplishments and feel that they are capable of so much more than they believe. Stock’s bubbly personality and athletic successes create a representation of women that can have fun, be strong, and accomplish big things. Tamyra will be seen on billboards, in commercials, and who knows where else. Wherever we see her, we will be impacted, and we will be inspired.