Me Before You Movie 4 Star Review & Description

Image via IMBD

Image via IMBD

Lauren Kramer, Writer

Me Before You is a film produced by Thea Sharrock and is based on a book series by Jojo Moyes. This film was published in 2016, with the main cast consisting of many popular actresses and actors, including Emilia Clarke (Daenerys in Game of Thrones) and Sam Claflin (Finnick in The Hunger Games). This story is definitely a tearjerker of both happy and sad tears that tells a story that stays with you after you watch it. Be aware that the paragraphs below will contain spoilers, uncomfortable topics about suicide, and my own opinions regarding the movie.

The story starts out showing a man named Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), who is clearly well off in his life, successful, and about to get married to his fiance. He goes outside on a rainy day to go to his job and is hit directly by a motorcyclist. It then cuts to a woman, two years later, named Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke), who is fired from her cafe job due to a downturn in the economy and loss of customers. Struggling to help support her family in tough times, she has a job recruiter discover a caretaking job for her to take that doesn’t require any experience and pays well. She goes through an interview and gets hired immediately, but soon sees why the position is too good to be true. The man she is taking care of is Will from the beginning of the movie, who is now paralyzed from the shoulders down and has gained a less than kind personality.

At first, Louisa wants to quit the job because of how Will treats her, and how mentally draining it is to her bubbly persona. She is forced to keep the job when her sister decides to go to college and needs Louisa to support their family. On the rare days she does have off from the job, she tries to talk and interact with her boyfriend, Patrick, who is only obsessed with his running time and exercise regimen. Now stuck in the job, she is forced to try and keep up her talkative and happy self while facing the negativity of Will.

As she continues the job, she realizes more about Will and who he was before the accident. They begin to connect about experiences they have enjoyed in their lives, and become close friends. While gathering mail one day, Louisa hears Will’s parents discussing how Will has decided to give them six months until he ends his life with the support of the state. Hearing this, Louisa begins to plan multiple outings to try and change Will’s mind, without telling him she knows. Through these plans, Will comes out of his shell to become more of his former self, and the two begin to fall in love with each other. Louisa ends things with her boyfriend (who’s only concerned with running) and becomes closer to Will as the time comes closer and closer to his choice. 

On a trip to Hawaii, Will and Louisa finally have the moment where they have to talk about this choice to choose to end his life. Louisa begs him to spend his life with her and argues that they can keep exploring the world and be happy in their love for each other. Will tells her that he doesn’t wish that kind of life for her, and holds strong in his decision; even as Louisa storms out and vows never to return.

After a heartfelt talk with her sister, Louisa decides to return to Will’s side to be there with him as he passes away. The movie then cuts to Louisa in Paris, reading a letter Will left her with some money for her to be able to start living her dreams in life, and experience one of his favorite places in the world. Louisa leaves with a smile on her face, preparing to truly live her life for herself and for her own wants and dreams.

I rated this movie four stars because the ending was so out of the ordinary in the tragic romance world of movies, and how well the acting was done. I didn’t like how in the end, Louisa doesn’t appear sad about the death of the person she loved. She seemed at peace with how her life turned out and didn’t appear emotional regarding his missing place in her life. Overall, I believe this movie is enjoyable if you want something that will make you cry and a place where you feel connected to the characters and the journeys of their lives.