Rowan Kalhar, Editor

My invisibility

Surrounds me like a cloak

Carrying me deeper

Until I lose my breath


No one sees me

For who I really am

Just for who I really

Claim to be


I don’t exist

Outside my hiding spaces

Outside my deepest places

Inside the crowds that bring me down


I feel alive in my cloak

Of invisibility

I feel seen 

By this magical thing


Preventing the world

From my bright and light

But hiding myself 

From the dark outside


Burrowing as deep as can go

Without sinking into the ground

Hiding out from nothing 

But my own fear of them



Those who taunt and laugh

Those who speak only to be heard

Not to actually say something


The ones who I hide

Me and my cloak

Of invisibility

Away from


For those who speak

Without or as words

And in music

Speak loudest of all