Change Edition – Change In Lifestyle Through the Years

Image via Quote Master

Image via Quote Master

Cadynce Harmon, Writer

Throughout the years there have been many changes made to our society. Some changes are good, some changes not so much. Whether we like it or not, change, good or bad, is bound to happen. Each decade changed in its own way and the changes that occurred in those years heavily influenced the outcome of the years following. 

Let’s start with the changes in the 1950s because that’s when our society began to modernize a bit more. According to, in 1953, the first complete color television set was invented. School segregation was abolished in 1954, so although racism was still prominent, the separate-but-equal doctrine was officially ended. Around this time was when gender roles within families were established: the husband brought the income while the wife worked to keep the house clean, prepare meals, and mother the children. It was a fairly materialistic lifestyle. 

In the 1960s the “ideal” modern family looked identical to the 1950’s families (“Key Facts About Family Life in the 1960s”). After dinner, many families would gather around the television to watch the newest sci-fi show. However, television was not only for entertainment but also for political purposes. Many major political events occurred during this era, such as the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr., as well as the continuation of the Vietnam War into its prime in 1968. A “live for today” attitude became more common in people’s lifestyles, causing them to use drugs and approach their sexuality more freely. This was also the time when hippies emerged and they carried out into the 1970s. 

The 1970s were mostly just a continuation of the ’60s, with the Vietnam war still going on and people from different marginalized groups fighting for equality ( The LGBTQ+ community fighting for acceptance and equality was a big part of the ’70s and the years after. Hippies were still around, and bell-bottoms and discos were more popular than ever. Afros were also very popular, as well as tie-dye. As for the racial aspect, the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, so African Americans began to vote more consistently around 1970.

The ’80s were known for their materialism and consumerism (“Life in the 1980s”). This was the era in which television’s popularity skyrocketed and it was the beginning of many famous people’s careers. Video games and such were extremely popular in the ’80s: games like Super Mario Bros, Tetris, and Pacman were favorites to many. Even though cable tv was available in the ’70s, it became even more popular in the ’80s. Channels like ESPN, MTV, and Nickelodeon were on in almost every household. Stars like Micheal Jackson and Madonna were the prime representation of music at this time. A great number of our favorite classic movies come from the ’80s, and many from the ’90s as well. 

Shows like Hey Arnold!, and Doug made some of us who we are today, and they all came from the ’90s ( This was the time when people really explored pop culture, and heavily influenced the later generations. Bands such as Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Red Hot Chili Peppers are viewed as iconic in our day and age. Our parents feel nostalgia when these bands come on the radio, and they’re sometimes prompted to tell stories about their own childhoods. This era is one of the most favored by kids our age. Many people who are considered iconic now became famous in the ’90s. The 2000s were slightly different, however, they still carried some 90’s trends into the new century. 

2000 begins a completely new century, so there were bound to be quite a few changes (“A Day in Your Life in the Year 2000”). Clothes such as lowrise jeans flared jeans, and crop tops are great examples of the style in the 2000s. Flip phones became popular, and you no longer needed to use a brick on the wall to call someone. Carrying into the more recent 2000s, after 2010, life seemed to change drastically. This was the generation in which Covid-19 came into play, and put a pause on everyone’s lives. Some things are back up and running, but some still need more time. The style changed and became the style we all know now. However, the ’90s are making a comeback. Teenagers seem to get a lot of inspiration from the ’90s because as many people like to say, history always repeats itself. 

Throughout the years, people have experienced drastic changes. We wouldn’t be who we are today without those changes. In the future, 2020 will seem ancient, and people will look back and read about it in history books. They’ll see how far they’ve come as a society and how much things have changed for them like we are doing now.