Inside the Life of Aaron May


Image via Complex

Isabel Avalos, Writer

Aaron May is an American rapper and producer based in Houston, Texas who is best known for his hit single Let Go, which was released in early 2019, and his debut EP Chase. 

Aaron was born on May 2, 2001, in Houston, Texas. He was raised in Alief, Texas, a suburb within the city limits of Houston. His path in music started in fifth grade when he began writing poems which progressed into SoundCloud freestyles and eventually turned into full-length songs. Before setting his sights on a career in music, Aaron dreamed of playing basketball at Duke University. There is no information about his parents or family. Aaron prefers to have his personal life private and out of the media.

His first two singles, “Ride” and “Let Go,” were excellent introductions to his career, as he eagerly attempted to make a name for himself. He released his first official single “Ride” in November 2018 at age sixteen while still in high school, two months later, he released his debut album Chase which consisted of eleven songs. Let Go, a single he released in January 2019 gained lots of attention, and has accumulated over 12.6 million views on Youtube.

Aaron signed to record label MOVEINTHEAM / EMPIRE at age seventeen. By the time he was eighteen, he had millions of plays on his songs and his debut mixtape out. He has also accumulated over 114k followers on Instagram. Aaron has produced songs for various other artists as well as himself, he has produced most songs he has released. 

He delivers sophisticated lyricism paired with hypnotizing flows and catchy hooks that are reminiscent of J. Cole. Aaron states, “…We all grow up taking some inspiration from somebody, or influence from somebody. My biggest influences were Nas and J. Cole but by the time I’m 20? I’ll have my own sound figured out.” Over the last several years he has grown into his own style and created a sound that is truly his own. 

Aarons’s music is described as having ¨sharp lyricism and versatile flows.¨ Wiki also states that “His voice is smokey yet rich with melody.” He is frequently compared to J.Cole, a popular rapper with a similar voice and beats. 

In an interview with Complex, Aaron says that he writes about things he has actually gone through, rather than putting up a front for attention. “There’s nothing better than the truth …If you come out saying what you are from the start and that’s what you are, there’s no way your career can ever fail.” Aaron also states, “I’ve put all of myself into my music all while going through personal struggles. I’ve stayed humble, patient, and focused which I’ll continue to do¨

Today, Aaron continues writing music, releasing freestyles, and being active on social media. His latest release was in late December 2021 with a two-track bundle called “WOKEUPTHINKINBOUT/HIDDENVOICES.” He does not have any upcoming shows or tours.