Mexico’s Earthquake of 1985


Image via ABC News

Litzy Gonzlaez Rosas, Writer

On September 19th, 1985, one of the largest earthquakes would hit Michoacan Mexico. Around 7:19 AM no one expected anything. Everything was perfect, just a normal day. However as people were watching the news, the news reporter was about to talk when then the ground began to shake, as she tried telling everyone to calm down. The ground began to shake harder than the camera started to fade. As people were rushing out of their homes, stores, buildings, and schools screaming for help. Michoacan, Mexico is the world’s largest urban area, and this earthquake was centered off the Pacific Coast of Michoacan. This was also an 8.1 earthquake as this earthquake was distorting the important history of Mexico. Many buildings were failing, causing fires as the earthquake lasted 3-4 minutes. Things were gone, everything was gone and because of that, there was no water, no power, and no signal. A lot of damage happened in the city. It knocked off 900 buildings and 400 damaged the city, 10,000 people were killed and 30,00 people were injured, and a quarter of people were homeless. Right away, people helped other people who were survivors. Young volunteers aged 14-20 started to remove pieces of buildings to find survivors, injured people, or people who have passed. Doctors tried to help as many people as possible and hospitals were packed fast. Ten aftershocks happened on the same day. To this day people still remember the horrible earthquake and the damage it caused, Many have moved on but not everyone. They still remember the people and now it has more safety in Mexico.