Midseason 2022 NBA Mock Draft


Image via CNBC

Stanley Shivley, Writer

With the All-Star break rolling around the corner, It’s that time of the season to start looking at the prospects for this upcoming draft.

Either Jabari Smith or Banchero could go here, however for this Mock, I’m going to say Banchero would be the best option out of the 2. Banchero is a 3-level scoring modern-day power forward. 

Comparisons: Chris Webber/Blake Griffin

With the possibility of Jerami Grant getting traded either at the deadline or in the offseason, it’s the right choice to take another Power Forward. As I said previously, either Banchero or Smith could go first or second, and they’d both be the right choices. While Banchero is a large defensive PF, Smith is a large primarily offensive PF. While he does have the ability to block shots and box out, Smith also has an effective mid-range and three-point shot. As the son of a former Kings draft pick and cousin of Kwame Brown, Smith was born to be an NBA player.

Comparisons: Chris Bosh/Athletic Kevin Love

Probably the most highly touted player in this class, Holmgren is a freak of nature. Holmgren stands at 7’0”, but weighs less than 200 lbs. He might be listed at Center, however, he sure plays like a guard. He can cross guys up and shoot threes like Chris Paul and play in the Paint like Shawn Bradley. Holmgren’s biggest downside is his physicality. Because of his slight frame, he often has trouble in post-up situations on both sides of the ball.

Comparisons: Kristaps Porzingis/Bol Bol

Ivey is one of many slashing guards in this class, however, he’s shown himself to be the best one available. Ivey is a prolific passer and scorer.

Comparisons: Donovan Mitchell/Slightly bigger Ja Morant

With it looking like Marvin Bagley’s time in Sacramento will come to an end soon, the Kings will pick up their next big man of the future with this pick. Duren is a surprisingly athletic Center. For a 6’11” 250 pounder, Duren is very quick. Duren will be the defensive anchor for the Kings for the next couple of years. 

Comparisons: Young Dwight Howard/Shawn Kemp

While we haven’t seen much from Sharpe as a wildcat (As of writing, he has yet to play a game), the Ontario native has proven himself to be one of the best at-the-rim scorers in this class. There is also a bit of an issue with Sharpe’s draft status. Sharpe had enough credits to graduate from High School early last October and will be enrolling at The University of Kentucky for the 2021-22 Spring Term. Sharpe chose to join The Wildcats last month and redshirt his freshman year. Sharpe will turn 19 in May, and therefore is eligible for the 2022 NBA Draft. It is still unknown if Sharpe will just train with Kentucky until the draft, or spend a full season and get taken in 2023. No matter where he gets taken, Sharpe will surely make an immediate impact on his team. 

Comparisons: Raptors Terrence Ross/Malik Monk+

The first thing I noticed while watching some of Brown’s recent highlights is his similar play style to Hall of Famer, George Gervin. While that’s not saying he’ll pan out the same, you cannot deny the resemblance he shares with “The Iceman” in the way that he passes and scores at the rim. Brown also has a very good pass perception ability and an ever-expanding shooting range. The Pacers will definitely get a good pick-up out of this one. 

Comparisons: Diet George Gervin/Michael Porter Jr.

In my opinion, this is the most underrated prospect in this year’s draft. Murray has shown himself to be incredibly efficient. He reminds me of a lot of the star Power Forwards from the 2000s, especially Shawn Marion. Has great post-game, as well as a knack for rebounding.

Comparisons: Jermaine O’Neal with a 3 Point Shot/Shawn Marion

The Blazers have made some very questionable moves in these last few days. The team traded Norman Powell and Robert Covington to the Clippers for Eric Bledsoe, Justice Winslow, Keon Johnson, and a 2nd Rounder. With the Trade Deadline coming up soon, it’s very possible veteran guard C.J. McCollum could get flipped. With Davis, you get a very proficient scorer that can also play a great bit of defense. Blazers fans will definitely get flashes of Brandon Roy with this player, minus the injuries hopefully.

Comparisons: Tracy McGrady from Shein/Slim Brandon Roy

  • Washington Wizards: Jaden Hardy (SG, G-League Ignite)

In the few games Hardy has played with the Ignite, he has proven himself to be one of the most outstanding players in the program. Hardy is the team’s leader in points, and you can tell he leads the team’s tempo. Hardy can leap in front overpower forwards, stop on a dime to shoot a clutch jumper in a defenders’ face, and make a pass that will leave the defense scratching their heads.

Comparisons: D’Angelo Russel/Steve Francis

MarJon Beauchamp might be a guard, however, just by watching him play, you would be convinced he’s a 6’8” Wing Forward. Beauchamp is a classic slasher, who makes most of his points in the paint, however can take and make some difficult shots.

Comparisons: Jeff Green+/Athletic Otto Porter Jr.

Washington is possibly, if not, the fastest player in this draft class. He’s got lightning-fast handles and is not afraid to blow by a defender for an assist or layup. He’s also shown himself to be pretty versatile, averaging 3.8 rebounds and 37% three-point percentage a game. I can see him fitting in well into the Knick’s three-point guard system.

Comparisons: Quicker Mike Conley/Brandon Knight

Mathurin is an explosive SF that can also shoot the three-ball. With the Hawks recently trading Cam Reddish to the Knicks, Benedict will fit perfectly into the Hawks system. He’s a master at making shots on Iso’s and blazing past the defense to attack the rim. Mathurin, who has a little under a 50% FG percentage, takes most of his shots primarily in the paint. Mathurin still needs some improvements on defense, primarily his shot-blocking and steal.

Comparisons: Gerald Wallace/Darius Miles with a jump shot

While he hasn’t played much in the Overtime Elite league this year, The Dominican guard’s highlights definitely give me nostalgia for the And1 streetball era of Basketball. Montero has handles that “Bone Collector” could dream of and layups that rival only “Hot Sauce.” Montero is almost impossible to guard, often leaving defenders in shambles, and can create great amounts of space. With the Celtics’ point guard depth looking a little bleak since Kemba Walker left, the C’s will get a great offensive contributor with the final pick of the lottery.

Comparisons: Rafer Alston/Dennis Schroder