The Search for Sylvia’s Special Stone

Image via Adobe

Image via Adobe

Ava Rapport, Writer

Massive amethyst eyes grudgingly opened to the harsh sunlight. The violet dragon swayed her tail and gradually rose. She quickly noticed that her partner wasn’t nearby, and left the cave to go find her. “Sylvia? You eating or something?” She called.

“Niaki! I’m at the giant oak!” Sylvia yelled back with desperation in her voice. She was ducking around the tree’s branches frantically, orange scales shimmering in the early sun. 

“You okay?” Niaki asked as she approached. “What’s wrong? You don’t usually leave me without a trace like that.”

“My sapphire necklace is gone! You know, the one my mother gave to me before she died!” She scampered down from the tree and started pacing. “I know it’s not up there. I don’t know why it would be here.”

“Hey, it’s okay. We’ll find it.” Niaki touched her nose to her mate’s in an attempt to help calm her down. “Are you sure it didn’t get buried in the hoard?”

“Yes, I checked three times! And around the hayfields, and in this tree!” Suddenly she perked up. “Oh! I haven’t checked by the river bend yet!” Sylvia made eye contact with Niaki, then dashed off, motioning for her to follow.

“Why would it be there?” Niaki asked while running.

“I take it with me there sometimes, when I’m distracted or upset.” The dragons had almost reached their destination, so they slowed down. “I can feel her, my mom. Maybe that’s stupid, I dunno. I might have forgotten it here.”

“Vivi, it’s not stupid to love your mom. It’s okay. We’ll find it.” They didn’t say much after that, just nodded in agreement. 

When they arrived at the river bend, another dragon was sprawled dramatically on top of one of the large rocks wearing a brown backpack. They were long with tan scales and a thin hysterical grin. “Took you long enough!” The newcomer cackled.

Sylvia’s eyes went wide. “Tangae? What are you doing? You know you’re not welcome here!”

Niaki leaped up onto the rock and snarled, nearly knocking over Tangae who curled up defensively. “Who do you think you are, showing your face around here? This is our territory!” 

“Niaki, dear, isn’t a wanderer allowed to check on his family every once in a while?” Tangae attempted to sound suave, but his voice was too high-pitched to make it work so instead he just sounded awkward.

He jumped off the rock and casually walked towards Sylvia, who sprang back and shrieked, “You’re no brother of mine! Not after what you’ve done!” Niaki swiftly moved in between them and growled.

Tangae stopped coming toward them but didn’t retreat either. “I’m not here for a fight, simply a favor. I know what you’re looking for.”

Sylvia stepped back and gasped. “You… Why? How could you disrespect Mom like this?”

“Mother told me to always do what my heart said was right,” Tangae scoffed. “And some trespassers are stealing all my food, so you’re gonna help me chase them out.” 

“No, you’re gonna give it back right now or I’ll kill you,” responded Niaki furiously. Sylvia sniffled and looked like she was going to cry.

Tangae sneered, “it’s not on me, idiot.” 

“Really? So you won’t mind if I go through your bag?” Niaki inquired. Tangae didn’t respond immediately, he stepped back in surprise. Niaki bolted for it while Sylvia and Tangae shrieked. She dove under the sorry dragon’s belly and slashed at the backpack’s straps. It went flying as Tangae squirmed, and Sylvia darted for the bag. She frantically dug through it and, lo and behold, there was the necklace.  

“Let him go, I’ve got it!” Sylvia called. After a staredown, eventually, Niaki reluctantly walked away while Tangae fled.

“He’s just going to pull something like that again, you know.” Niaki sighed and the partners touched noses.

“I know.” Sylvia put on the necklace and it shimmered a sparkling blue. “I just… I don’t want him hurt too badly or anything.”

“I’m sorry. It’s fine, I understand,” Niaki affirmed. “That necklace looks beautiful on you.”

Sylvia giggled awkwardly, “Thank you and thank you for helping me get it back.”

“It’s nothing. Anytime.” Knowing her darling was happy, Niaki matched Sylvia’s smile.