Not Wearing Jeans Should Be Acceptable


Image via Insider

Kadence Warner, Writer

I had a thought that led to a question. Should not wearing jeans be acceptable? I’m not talking about not wearing pants, just not wearing jeans. Don’t laugh, it’s a serious question because, in the past few months, I’ve overheard people getting upset about people not wearing jeans, for example, wearing sweatpants to school. I’m hoping with this article I can change some people’s minds about wearing jeans all the time. One key reason people might not want to wear jeans, including myself, is because they’re just plain uncomfortable. Jeans might not match every outfit and every activity.

First of all, jeans are uncomfortable. Everyone knows this. Sometimes they’re hard to sit down in, and they’re so uncomfortable to lay in bed with. Some jeans just don’t fit either and can be too big that they’ll fall down and sometimes they can be so tight that they’re hard to walk in. They just make life that much harder. Personally, my stomach hurts frequently, and jeans do not help at all. To fix this, I just wear something that isn’t jeans, but some people think that’s lazy or disrespectful.

My other reason people shouldn’t have to wear jeans is that sometimes it’s not the right time to wear them. For an extreme example, you wouldn’t wear jeans while swimming because that would be horrible. Another example is that you might not want to be wearing jeans if you’re exercising. Jeans can rip and make it hard to do exercises. If you’re someone who’s going to be running around a lot, you probably want leggings for exercising.

To add to my last reason, jeans don’t match everything. Some shirts would go better with sweatpants. Other things would go well with yoga pants. Every so often you just have to wear shorts, because they match more or because it’s hot out. On the odd occasion, I might want to be colorful, jeans are often only plain and simple whereas comfier pants can achieve the colorful vibe I would go for. Furthermore, not all jobs let you wear jeans. This helps my point but it sucks because why would you need to wear jeans everywhere else, but not at work? It makes no sense. 

Generally speaking, jeans suck. Why is it most acceptable and least frowned upon to wear jeans when they’re so uncomfortable, make it harder to do certain activities, and they’re so plain and don’t add much color to my closet? I will frown upon wearing them myself. I’m going to wear the least amount of jeans that I can, instead, I’ll wear dresses, shorts, and comfy pants. I hope you’ve come to understand why some people don’t wear jeans or don’t want to, especially while they’re working.