The Dangers of Halloween

Image via CBC News

Image via CBC News

Sofiah Gravley, Writer

With Halloween coming up, kids are excited to go out late at night and fill their buckets with free candy, but that also entails receiving this candy from complete strangers. Because Halloween is such a popular holiday, most parents just put it past them and let their kids go out. This brings up the question,“what’s so wrong with trick or treating?”. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with it, but sadly there are some dangers that come with this fun and joyful holiday. Although this holiday is full of candy and fun costumes, not enough people are aware of the dangers of Halloween. 

The temptations of candy cause people to rip into the wrappers, and overlook the possible dangers inside. Candy can easily be spiked with toxins or sharp objects. One piece of candy can easily be tampered with within a split second. You won’t know if you don’t check. It’s important to check your kid’s candy and even your own. Take time yourself to read more explanations about Halloween Candy Tampering

This holiday is full of costumes and people hiding their true selves, which means you should also be aware of people. Because of these masks, they can hide behind, which also entails that they may not be caught for the crimes they could commit. Halloween is a night of walking in the dark in unfamiliar neighborhoods, so you should be aware of your surroundings at all times… For the sick people who plan to participate in criminal activities, it is easy to hide in the dark, but that also means for the possible victim it is even harder to see. There are so many things happening on Halloween night that seem normal for the holiday, and because of this, it is easy to be deceived with little things. Noises, cries of children, animals, etc. Some will do anything to get you to walk towards them. Hiding behind these masks and costumes makes crazy people go to great lengths to do dangerous things on Halloween. Sadly, those who don’t watch their surroundings are most likely to be victims of horrible events.

An innocent but also dangerous issue on Halloween is the costumes. You may not think about it at the time of picking your costume for the year, but there are many things that can be targeted towards groups of people, which leads to mad groups of people that could easily come for you. One little thing in your costume can make things go wrong. Remember to think about yourself and others. In this generation, people are more sensitive than you’d seen in the past years. You may not think that your costume is offensive to anyone, but it could set someone off and cause irrational behavior. Some of the costumes that can be deceived as offensive are a   “Native American Princess, a Geisha, Gypsy, etc.” 

Make sure to hold your friends and family close on this night, because even though it’s a holiday of fun and sweets, it may also cause a bump in the night.