What Halloween is Like With Covid


Image via The Standard

Zanderlynn Almendra, Writer

When I was younger, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays of the year. I would get all dressed up and then go to school in my costume. After school, my family and I would go to a Halloween party. Then we would leave the party halfway through and go trick or treating. I loved to go trick or treating around my neighborhood and go up to doors and say  “trick or treat,” but this was all before Covid happened, so now that we have Covid to worry about, what will Halloween look like this year? 

With Covid around, is it safe to go trick or treating? The answer is yes, it is safe to go trick or treating this year. Kids and teenagers are more than welcome to go trick or treating this year with a small group of friends. It isn’t recommended to go trick or treating with a big group of people, you should go with a group with around 3-4 people.

Is it safe to go to a Halloween party? Going to a Halloween party this year isn’t recommended. Going to a party can increase the chances of you getting Covid, especially if no one is wearing a mask.  Parties can also be crowded with people, so if one person is sick, the chance of everyone getting sick is high. Even if we want to forget about Covid and have fun, we can’t. 

If you’re the one passing out the candy this year, take Covid as a challenge. You could just give out candy the old-fashioned way, or you can do something cool and different. You can make a slide where you drop the candy on it and the candy slides into the kids’ baskets. You could make a tunnel where you drop the candy in. You can think of so many different ways of giving kids candy in a fun, safe way. You just have to think outside of the box, be creative.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe this Halloween. Don’t go to any Halloween parties with too many people or with people who aren’t wearing masks. When you go out trick or treating,  go in small groups of 3-4 people. Wear your mask while interacting with people, including wearing your mask if you’re handing out candy. Wear gloves when handing out candy, or make sure you are washing your hands.  While trick or treating, try to surround yourself with people who are vaccinated. If you are celebrating indoors, make sure there’s fresh air coming in. That means opening up a window or a door or turning on a fan.

 Beware that just because you are wearing your mask the whole time and staying at least three feet away from people there is still a chance of you catching Covid. Walking around with your unvaccinated kid can increase their chances of getting Covid, so make sure you keep your hands clean. Try not to let your little one touch their faces. Make sure their hands are clean before they eat their candy. Make sure beforehand that all candy they eat is in a closed wrapper. 

Trick or treating this year looks a lot different than it did a few years back. We have to follow rules to keep us and our family safe, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time. So, have a happy Halloween!