Why the Hype About Fall?


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Kadence Warner, Writer

That time is here! It’s finally fall! I personally really enjoy fall, but I know people who LOVE fall. Why do people love fall so much though? Well, long story short, it’s beautiful outside, the leaves change and the ground and sky become more colorful than before, the temperature is perfect, the smell of warm apple pie or pumpkins fills the air, it’s so perfect. To add the sprinkles on top, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. 

The first, most obvious thing, fall is amazing because of the colors outside. The trees turn orange, red, and yellow, and they paint the ground with leaves. When you look up at the sky, you see all those colors with the white clouds and blue sky and all the colors together are beautiful. One thing that ties together perfectly with this beauty is the temperature. It gets really nice outside in the fall. It may get a bit chilly once the sun goes down, and a bit hot if you’re standing in the sun, but for the most part it’s a really, really nice feeling.

Another amazing thing about fall is all the things you can do. When fall rolls around, the corn is tall enough for corn mazes. If you go with the right people, they can be really fun. (If you go at the right time the temperature is perfect too). From my experience, they’re really beautiful too. Something that goes along with that is pumpkin patches. Sure, they may steal your money, but that’s all part of the fun, right? The last time I went to a pumpkin patch, it looked really cool. You can get the perfect pumpkin for you too because usually there are so many different choices. Afterward, you get to carve them for Halloween! This may be hard, but is pretty rewarding once you’re done, and with the right people, makes great memories. 

Lastly, the holidays in fall. First, Halloween, who doesn’t love Halloween, you get to dress up super silly, or cute, or scary, or whatever you want really. Be whoever you want to be and more than once if you go to costume parties! Another thing, candy, and lots of it, I love candy so Halloween is definitely awesome in that area. IF you consider yourself “too old” for trick or treating, you can still give treats out to others, usually little kids, and make their night and have amazing memories of Halloween. Another holiday in fall is Thanksgiving, who doesn’t love this one too? A bunch of food, a bunch of families coming together, a bunch of great memories, games, pumpkin pie (from pumpkins from the pumpkin patch); it’s amazing. I usually end up sleeping really well the night of Thanksgiving because of all the food. 

Basically, fall is amazing and in my mind, there’s never been a doubt about it. Just take a walk outside at all the beautiful colors that seem fake because they’re so pretty and also enjoy the temperature because it’s amazing. I hope everyone enjoyed their fall so far. I’ve done a corn maze and went to a pumpkin patch, it was pretty fun (and very colorful). I also can’t wait for Halloween and Thanksgiving either!