The Best Underrated Horror Movies


Image via Boston Hassle

Hanna Spenst, Writer

As Halloween approaches, so do all the bone-chilling horror movies. Lots and lots of

them. And most of them go without even being recognized, unlike the more popular ones. But despite how great these movies are, they don’t get the credit they deserve. Here are four of the most underrated horror and thriller movies that you should watch this Halloween season. 

The first underrated horror movie that I think deserves way more recognition than it is given is Killer Sofa. Killer Sofa was released on October 1st, 2019, and was written and directed by the talented Bernie Rao. This movie is about a possessed recliner – not an actual sofa, sorry – that has a major thirst for blood. This movie was seriously scary and I was even afraid of my own couch for a few days after watching it! Despite how brilliant this movie was, it only has 3.6/10 stars on IMDb. Reviews that negative people post such as, “‘Who is giving this guy money to make movies? How do you pitch the idea of a movie titled ‘Killer Sofa’ Sounds like a classic’’, and countless others are definitely the reason that people aren’t watching it, despite how great it actually is. This review is very far from the truth and isn’t fair at all. This movie is full of unexpected jump scares that really scare you out of your seat… or recliner… this movie really is a work of art and you wouldn’t regret watching this. 

Another amazing– yet underrated horror movie that I think deserves more credit than it was given is Killer Piñata. This horror movie is about a possessed piñata who seeks to avenge the savagery that humanity has inflicted on his kind. He picks off a group of friends, one by one, in an unending night of terror. Not only does the description of this movie make your stomach turn, but once you watch the horrific piñata scenes you very well could be scarred for life. This movie was directed by Stephen Tramontana and was released in 2015. This movie did perform a little better than Killer Sofa, but it only got 4.5/10 stars on IMDb. This movie definitely deserves much more credit, because not only was this scary, but you can tell the director really put a lot of work into trying to make the murders as gruesome and award-winning as possible. Even if they never did actually win any awards. 

Attack of the Killer Donuts directed by Scott Wheeler is yet again, another movie that did not get very much respect from movie watchers across the globe despite the greatness of this movie. This movie is about a chemical accident in a quiet town that turns regular old donuts into evil, bloodthirsty monsters. This movie was only given 3.8/10 stars on IMBd and a man named Robert Forsberg wrote, “I haven’t watched the whole movie but the little bit I did watch makes me think that it’s the worst movie ever made” This review is ridiculous and completely false. I would have to say that the first little bit of this movie was brilliant and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.  This movie had an amazing storyline and great evil donut CGI that would make you think that these fanged donuts were real! But the absolute best part of this movie would have to be the grotesque menace as the donuts leap at customers’ throats, spewing sickly green jelly everywhere. Who wouldn’t think that’s terrifying! Attack of the Killer Donuts is amazing and you should definitely add this to your horror movie watchlist. 

Lastly, The VelociPastor is one of the most underrated yet amazing horror films ever to exist. Although to some, a movie about an orphaned pastor who gains the ability to turn into a dinosaur to fight crime, isn’t scary, the voodoo magic and scary dino-clawed murders are enough to frighten anyone, no matter how tough they claim to be. This movie is directed by Brendan Steere and is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The movie did particularly well in props and costume designs. It’s hard to decide whether or not the dinosaur is really just a costume or not! The plot is also amazing! The movie goes from happy to sad to dramatic, and then to terrifying! This movie did much better than the rest of the movies in this list (probably because of the thrilling ninja scenes), but still only got 5.1/10 stars on IMDb. This movie needs much more positive attention than it has gotten and it is a must-see for any movie-watcher out there!