Image via Rowan Kalhar

Rowan Kalhar, Editor




repeating in your head

as you tell yourself

its okay

im okay

everythings okay

speaking out loud helps sometimes

but other times the quiet

calms you down

you breathe

trying to slow the breaths down

but suffocating in the head

your face prickles as if its asleep

and reality doesn’t feel too real now

you curl up sitting on the floor

sobbing as you try to come back

back to the present

back to your room

the one place you feel safe

and even then you

aren’t always safe there

but you arent anywhere else either

all this happens as i watch

i watch you crumble to the floor


i watch you fall

to the darkest depths

the ones that some people

dont come back from

i watch over you

you may not know me

but as your guardian angel

this is my job

i watch

i wait

i try sometimes to help

but most times my duty is to watch

and bring you back


you stand

still with the mantra

its okay

im okay

everythings okay

your breaths have slowed now

you are calm