The Titans Make An Incredible Comeback


Image via the Tennessean

Lucas Christopherson, Writer

Coming into the week, the Seattle Seahawks were 1-0, meaning they had won their only game played this season. On the other hand, the Tennessee Titans were 0-1, meaning they lost their first game. Seattle was favored to win this game by a mile. Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson doesn’t have the best offensive line. Last season, they allowed 48 sacks. Against a strong Titans defensive line, that’s not good. The Titans have a great rushing attack led by running back Derrick Henry. Last season he had 2027 rushing yards, that’s insane for Pro Football Stats. To give you some insight on what that’s like throughout the season, he had run over a mile with 200 pound grown men chasing him down, crazy right? Against Seattle’s poor run defense, he might have a great day. The Titans had a very poor performance against the Arizona Cardinals losing 38-13 and allowing one person on the defense to get 5 sacks (ESPN Box Score). Now to be fair to the Titans, that one person was in fact, Chandler Jones. Chandler Jones has 102 career sacks. He is a big fear factor on the Cardinals defensive line, and just a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

The Titans were playing in Seattle at Lumen Field. Starting off the game, the Titans were kicking the ball off. The Seahawks got the ball first and on their first drive, which they ended up punting. There were only 2 scoring plays in the first quarter, one by the Seahawks making it 3-0. The Titans came back with a field goal later in the first quarter, making it 3-3. With little action to begin, that was the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter, things started looking good for Seattle, with the Titans only scoring 2 field goals putting them at a total of 9 points at the half, leaving the Seahawks with a good chunk more than that. The Seahawks had scored 21 points in the second quarter. The first score of the quarter for the Seahawks was a 63-yard touchdown pass to WR Tyler Lockett. This play had Seattle fans electric. The other 2 touchdowns scored that quarter were both running touchdowns from Seahawks running back Chris Carson

Going into halftime the score was 24-9, in favor of the Seahawks. Coming out of halftime the Titans were fired up; they didn’t want to just give up, they needed to win. The Titans shut down the Seahawks offense in the second half, with them only scoring one touchdown while also missing the extra point. Leaving everyone shocked, the Titans made a comeback and were only one touchdown behind the Seahawks. The missed extra point by the Seahawks earlier made a huge difference between being forced to go for two or choosing to go for two. The Titans scored and kicked their extra point to tie the game with 29 seconds left to play in regulation. 

The end of regulation came after a Seahawks failed scoring drive. The Titans got the ball first in overtime, but weren’t able to score, so the Seahawks got the ball. The Seahawks were backed up to their one-yard line and had to punt. The Titans, because of how far back the punt was, got the ball on Seattle’s 48-yard line. The Titans then ran the ball a few times and got a good chunk of yards. To end this exciting and shocking game, Titans kicker Randy Bullock made a 36-yard game-winning field goal. Just like that, the Titans are currently leading the AFC South with a record of 1-1.