Five Good Things About The Pandemic

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Pheobee King, Writer

You’re probably wondering if there is anything good about online school. I always try to look for the good in life, because I believe that everything and everyone has a good side.

It is possible to find something good in everything and if you do some research, you can understand a different perspective. The first good thing about COVID-19’s effects  is the fact that it’s easier to get to class when all you do is click on a zoom link  to get to all your classes (unless you have wifi issues).

Second, you can bring your pets to school. Why is this good? It can make school more fun.

Next, if you don’t think you look very good you can turn your camera off  (but I doubt you look as bad as you think. I bet you look awesome and if other people don’t like how you look, who cares. They probably just don’t know what they’re talking about so they can just back off. As they say, “Haters gonna hate”).

The fourth good thing about school during the pandemic is that you can mute your microphone if you don’t want people to hear you. Lastly, you learn more technological skills. I’m personally not a tech genius because I didn’t use much technology before online school, but I’ve learned a lot of new technology skills like how to make a slideshow. In the end, it’s your attitude and the way you look at the world that matters.