Sucked Into Another World Pt. 8


(Image via Pixoloid Studios)

Lily Pliske, Writer

This was the craziest thing Kal had ever seen. He had to be dreaming. There was no other explanation. Things like this don’t just happen. 

He had gone to the library like he normally does. He went to his favorite section and picked out a new book. Needless to say, he should have just left, but he didn’t because he saw Jodi walk in. Why did she have to walk in? So he stayed and listened to the conversation. Then he felt wind on his face and then the world was spinning like a top, light flashing everywhere, blinding him. 

He must have passed out, because he woke up flat on his back, freezing cold on a cliff, staring at an ice castle straight out of a fairy tale.

“Are you okay?” Kal looked up at the woman who could best be described as looking like a snow queen. Her skin was so pale he could see her veins. Her lips were pale and dry, her features perfect. Her hair white as snow and she wore it in braids down her back to her waist. A crown of ice was on her head and her eyes were an icy blue. 

“I’m fine, just confused about where I am.”

“I’m sure this is all very frightening, but I assure you that everything is fine. You’re safe here and we are going to work to get you and your friend’s home.” 

“Wait, are other kids like me here too?” He asked, looking up at her.

“Yes, three other kids came here with you. You didn’t end up in the same spots though, they landed in the spring kingdom and you ended up in my kingdom.”

“Where are we going?” He looked out the window, and then quickly plastered himself against the seat, closing his eyes. 

“Afraid of heights?” She asked. 

“Yup.” It was silent for the rest of the ride until he felt the carriage land on the ground with a thump. 

“Follow me.” She jumped out of the carriage, and he followed, but stopped. 

“Is that a dragon?” He looked up at the dragon, which landed and then morphed into a human. 

“Yes, we are in the dragon kingdom. Now follow me.” He followed her into a medieval-looking castle. She led him through to a huge room where a bunch of people were talking. He saw three familiar faces; Amelia, Jase, and Jodi. They were talking to a duck. 

“Kal?” Jodi said from across the room. He walked over to them. 

“Hey,” Kal said. 

“You’re the other kid who came here with us!” Jase said in surprise. 

“Yeah. Um… where are we?” 

“We are in the kingdom of Thralia and this is the dragon kingdom,” Amelia said. 

“Okay.” Kal looked around, trying to take it all in. 

“I know it’s probably super confusing and we will explain everything to you later, but how did you get here?” Jodi asked. 

“I think you guys brought me with you by accident. You couldn’t see me, but I was at the shelf next to you.” 

“When we get back to the room, tell us everything on how you got here,” Amelia said. 

“Okay, but then you also have to tell me our story.”