Celebrations Around the World: New Zealand


(Image via Just Wines)

Grace Hertel, Writer

One of New Zealand’s most popular food festivals is the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival. This festival is for everyone. Wineries from all over Marlborough show their wines during this festival. There is amazing food for food lovers. For your entertainment, there are also bands performing. It takes place during February all month long with different events. 

One of these events is “Masterclasses.” This event gives you a deeper insight into world-famous wines. The wines will be paired with local food. Last year there were two classes. The first is called Sauvignon Blanc and Cheese. This is where you sample six local wines with a tasting plate of carefully paired cheeses from Kaikoura Cheese. This 60-minute masterclass gives you a deeper insight into the drop that Marlborough is world-famous for, as well as the wonderful cheesemakers they have in the region. The second is called The Secrets of Sashimi. The class will be hosted by award-winning Marlborough winemaker and internationally renowned chef, Jason Roberts. This is a 60-minute masterclass showcasing the art, preparation, presentation, and culture of Sashimi. They learn how to select the perfect fish and prepare the highest quality pieces whilst trying award-winning Marlborough wines that pair perfectly with seafood. Masterclasses are very popular, but if you don’t get to watch don’t worry because there are many more events.

The last event was for the wine lovers, now we have one for the food lovers. The Culinary Pavilion uses local food and famous chefs. 2020 had some amazing chefs, so let’s see who 2022 is up against. There is Nick Honeyman, who is a culinary MC and culinary guest chef. He left his home of South Africa at 18 to pursue his dream of becoming a world-class chef, because of a ‘burning passion for cooking.’ In Sydney, he tore through a four-year cooking qualification in under three years. Then he worked in Japan, Paris, and Sydney under some of the world’s best chefs. He traveled to New Zealand to do the same, working under Simon Wright at The French Café and has since opened award-winning restaurants Dallow’s, Cru at Sale St, The Commons Restaurant, and Everybody’s Izakaya. Nick now splits his time between his two restaurants, Paris Butter in Auckland and Le Petit Léon in the South of France. He also stars in the television series “The Best of New Zealand with Nick Honeyman.” Nick is famous and an amazing chef, but let’s see who else there is. Bradley Hornby was another famous chef to see in 2020. He is a culinary guest chef. Bradley spent his career in luxury accommodations and restaurants gaining two hats, Gourmet Traveller stars, and numerous hospitality awards in Australia. He is South Island born and the trained chef Bradley Hornby moved ‘home’ in 2013 to oversee the final build and opening of Annandale Luxury Villa Accommodation, named as the ‘World’s Leading Experiential Luxury Property.’ Bradley was there to cook and cook he did, but he wasn’t the last one. Last but not least, we have Peter Gordan (no not Gordan Ramsy). Kiwi-born, London based chef Peter Gordon is the pioneer of fusion food. For 40 years he’s gathered ingredients, textures, and techniques from across the world’s kitchens, combining them in thrilling new ways to imagine the impossible. He has eight books to his name, a roll call of award-winning restaurants from The Sugar Club to The Providores and Tapa Room. Not to mention he devised recipes for Air New Zealand, cooked for Barack Obama, and founded the hugely successful charity event ‘Who’s Cooking Dinner?’ Peter’s eclectic style of cuisine has had a global reach. So you have famous chefs Peter Gordan, Bradley Hornby, and Nick Honeyman all showing you how to cook at the Marlborough Wine festival in 2020, I can’t wait to see who it is in 2022. 

The last out of the three events I am going to talk about is the Food Trucks. Food trucks come from all over the world to show at this New Zealand Festival. The food trucks are a new event now showcased right next to the Culinary Pavilion. It has a secret garden vibe with it being hidden behind beautiful flowers. At the front, there is an arc of Hydrangeas that you get to walk under. Some of the food carts from last year include Beat Kitchen and Viva la Vaca. This is a must-see if you ever come to the Marlborough Wine Festival. 

The Marlborough Wine Festival had a total of six big events, but I only talked about three. There are Masterclasses, which teach you the secrets of wine. You have a Culinary Pavilion where you will see famous chefs hard at work. Food Trucks give off a secret garden vibe with the flower outside, but on the inside, there are all the types of food a person could imagine. So if you ever need a good food festival the Marlborough Wine Festival is a serious competitor. I got all this information off of the official website called “Marlborough Wine & Food,” where you can find more information on all of the events.