Biden Righting the Wrongs

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Hailey McVey, Writer

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have already done so many great and impactful things since they have been in office. Biden and Harris have been in office since January 20th, 2021. They both, in the roles that they are in, are making history. The reason why is as of now Joe Biden has been the oldest person elected as president, at the age of 77 and Kamala Harris is the first Black and Asain-American woman to be elected Vice President. 

Biden did not just suddenly get where he is at; he worked hard to get into his position. He made his way up the latter. For example, from 1973 to 2009, he represented Delaware in the United States Senate then worked with Barack Obama as vice president from 2009 till 2017. He has been in the political world for over four decades and has made so many improvements to the world. He spent years in the senate judiciary committee; dealing with civil rights issues, crime prevention, and drug policies. Biden has accomplished a lot in his time working in politics and will continue to make more changes.

To start off his presidency, Biden a few short hours after being elected signed 17 executive actions – 15 of them being executive orders that took away a lot of the laws former President Donald Trump put in place before the end of his term. Laws that Biden has already corrected since his presidency are rescinding the Muslim Ban, the 1776 commission, and terminating the construction of the border wall. He was also one of the main reasons and efforts that the violence against women act and the violent crime control enforcement act was finally passed. 

The world is separated by so many things including race, gender, and economic status and it is good that the United States now has a president that is breaking those ‘barriers’ and changing the mistakes that have been made. Biden instantly went into changing things that affected others just due to their race or gender/orientation. Another law that he signed the day he went into office is that workplace discrimination due to sexual orientation/ gender identity is prohibited. Which will hopefully start to minimize any discrimination in the workplace. It may not make a big change right now but the more laws put in place will get a little closer to a better society.

Joe Biden with the assistance of Kamala Harris will continue to make history and make the world around us a better place. He has made statements about how much he wants to get done by his 100 days in office involving the COVID-19 Pandemic and rebalancing our economy and by that they have already shown that their supporters made the right decision in helping change and bring equality amongst people. The biggest part of being the President of the United States is keeping us united not tearing us apart even more.