Diverse Politicians


(Image via Insperity)

Monique Rosas, Editor

For many years now there has been small representation for people of color and LGBTQIA+ members, but it’s important to have more representation when it comes to politics. The political field is stereotyped to have employed only cis white males which isn’t completely true. In recent years, we have seen a large increase in diversity within our political leaders, but it isn’t always consistent. 

One may ask why it’s important for the political field to have more diverse faces. Well, the simple answer is because then minority groups of people will have more of a voice when it comes to politics. When you are facing issues with the government and you have a political leader who has had similar experiences to you it makes it easier for your situation to be heard. The downside to all this is that diverse politicians aren’t being treated the same as other workers, making their job 10 times harder.  “There is plenty of evidence that informal ambiguity in the workplace increases the likelihood of unfair discrimination, and reduces access to the information and political knowledge necessary to gain power and influence.” Knowing that the act of discrimination still goes on in the political workspace makes it very discouraging for people to want to join the field. This is why we always have more white political leaders which prevents further representation to all other people. 

Currently, we have the most diverse politicians in office of all time which is amazing! With our very first Black and Asian female vice president and a very diverse cabinet, we are making history. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as having diverse leaders, it’s a matter of how much they will be heard and respected. Just a couple of months ago we had a president who brought down all of our diverse leaders and made our world divide. This means even in current times it isn’t guaranteed that there will be equal treatment for all people. There is also an unfair advantage to the people who have attended prestigious schools. By this, I mean that someone who has gone to schools like Harvard or Yale is more likely to get the job rather than someone who attended a state school. This wouldn’t be a big deal if the education system made it easier for people of color to have a better education. There are more things that privileged white students can do than other unprivileged students can do which makes it super unfair. 

Even with all the bad things that come from the political world, there still is an importance to having diversity and we still have time to improve. All we can hope for is our world to come together and make this country an equal place for everyone. Now with our new president Joe Biden, we have a chance to see more representation in the political world. We might even see more people pursuing a career in the political field. Maybe a couple of years from now will have another ethnic president.