Sucked Into Another World: Part 7


(Image via Pixoloid Studios)

Lily Pliske, Writer

“Alvara, can they stay in your castle?” A woman with muddy green skin and small horns on the side of her head asked. 

“Of course, Eley,” Alvara said. She had horns on the side of her head that twisted in the middle. There were patches of multi-colored scales on her skin and on her back a pair of large wings.

“Alvara is the Queen of the Dragons,” Eley said. “She is half-human, half-dragon.” 

“What are you the Queen of?” Amelia asked. 

“I’m the queen of the Trolls and I’m also half-human, which is why I was spared the ugly troll gene.” She laughed. It was true; she was very beautiful. All of them were.

“Follow me,” Alvara said, leading them out of the room and down the stairs. 

“Emit, would you stay here? We would like to ask you some questions. Don’t worry you will see them again soon we are all going to meet at Alvara’s castle tomorrow,” Eley said, giving them a reassuring smile. 

“Okay, anything I can do to help,” Emit said.

“Follow me,” Alvara said, leading them out of the room and down the stairs.

“Are we going to teleport like we did with Luna?” Amelia asked. 

“No, we are going to fly to my region. I prefer it better,” she said, walking at a brisk pace in front of them. 

“Are we going to fly on dragons?!” Jase asked, practically jumping at the thought. Alvara chuckled 

“If you would like to fly on one of their backs I don’t see why not.” 

“Isn’t that dangerous, what if he falls off?” Jodi asked. 

“Everything has its dangers, but he should be fine. I’ll put him in a saddle and strap him in, so he can’t fall even if he tried.” 

After walking down what seemed like an endless staircase, they reached the bottom where they had entered. Alvara led them out the front doors, which were made of glass panels in between intricate designs. 

The cold air hit Amelia like a punch to the face. Shivering, they walked over to a carriage, and in front of it were three very large and scary looking dragons. One of them was a deep blue with lighter blue scales scattered all over its body, and the other was a purple with different shades of pink scattered through its scales. The biggest one though was in the front and was red and gold and had deep scars. 

“Whoa.” Amelia, Jase, and Jodi all said at once. 

“This might be the coolest thing I have ever seen,” Jase said. Alvara helped Amelia and Jodi into the carriage and strapped Jase onto the purple dragon. She was right Jase was so strapped in that Amelia didn’t think he would fall even if the dragon flew upside down the entire time. 

“See you when we land,” Alvara said, shutting the door. 

“Wait, wait, wait.” Jodi stuck her hand in the door before it could close. “You’re not flying with us in the carriage?” 

“No, someone has to fly us there.” Alvara closed the door, and Amelia and Jodi saw her climb onto the golden dragon’s back. She didn’t have a saddle or straps like Jase, just some reigns and that was it. She shouted, fly me home, and the dragons took off. Amelia’s heart plummeted to her stomach as the carriage lifted off the ground and into the sky. 

“That was a weird language she spoke in,” Jodi said after about twenty minutes. 

“What are you talking about?” Amelia said, finally shaking the feeling that she was going to die. 

“Right before we took off, she shouted something,” Jodi said, giving Amelia an odd look. 

“She said ‘take me home’. You didn’t understand her?” Amelia asked, feeling worried again. 

“No, but it’s weird that you could. Maybe it’s one of those powers that they were talking about.” 

“Yeah, this is all so weird. Stuff like this just doesn’t happen.” 

“I’m more worried about what’s going on at home. I mean we have been gone for days, our parents have to be freaking out and it’s not like they are going to believe us.” 

“I don’t think my dad would even notice if I was gone or not,” Amelia said. Jodi looked sad, but didn’t say anything. It was true Amelia’s dad had been broken for years after her mom died.

“Your dad cares about you, but he’s just… broken. When your mom died something just broke and he just can’t fix it, not yet anyway,” Jodi said. 

“Yeah,” was all Amelia could say. The view from the window was beautiful. There were trees everywhere and beyond that ocean. They flew over different climates too. There was a winter one and a huge ice castle. They flew over what looked to be the Goblin region. 

“We’re getting close,” Alvara shouted back to them. Amelia and Jodi both looked out their window to see large rocky mountains in the distance. There was a castle sitting on top of the biggest mountain, and as they got closer, they saw houses built on the sides of the mountains and there were large holes on the side that dragons flew in and out of. 

They landed on the ground in front of the castle. The castle looked like a Viking castle, made out of stone and wood. A guy, who Amelia assumed was also half-dragon like Alvara, led the three dragons to the stable. 

“How was riding on a dragon’s back?” Amelia asked. 

“It was so cool and the dragons talk.” 

“What?!” Amelia and Jodi said at that same time.

“Yeah, they talk it’s super cool.” 

“Yeah, dragons can talk just like humans or any other creature in this world,” Alvara said. 

“I’m surprised everyone here speaks English so well,” Jodi said. Alvara laughed. 

“You and I aren’t speaking English,” she said. Amelia, Jodi, and Jase looked at her in confusion. 

“You have been speaking our language since you’ve been here. It’s actually quite impressive.” 

“How is it possible that we never learned your language?” Jase asked. 

“I’m not sure it might have just been intricate. The three of you are clearly not human or all the way anyway so your brains work faster than an average human, so you could have just picked it up.” Alvara said. 

“We’re not human?” Amelia asked, her brain exploding with questions. 

“No, I don’t think so, but that all leaves the mystery of what you are and what you are capable of.”

“This is so crazy,” Jodi said, shaking her head. 

“It’s okay we will know how to answer a lot of your questions soon don’t worry.” She led them into her castle, which was beautiful and a little scary at the same time. A servant met them at the base of a very large staircase. 

“Hello, Amy, would you please lead these three to their quarters?” 

“Yes, ma’am.” She gave a slight bow and started walking up the stairs. Amelia, Jase, and Jodi followed her up staircases and down always before they reached a set of double doors. 

The room was the most beautiful thing Amelia had ever seen. There were enormous windows from floor to ceiling and a large baloney wrapping around two of the walls. Bookcases stretched from floor to ceiling, and there were confining chairs and coaches throughout the room. There were two sets of staircases leading to two different rooms.

“The left staircase is for you Jase, and the right is for Amelia and Jodi,” Amy said before leaving.

“I’m gonna go check out my room,” Jase said, running up the staircase. 

“Is it just me or is Jase acting like a little kid and not a fifteen-year-old boy,” Jodi said laughing. 

“No, you’re right,” Amelia said. They walked up the staircase to their room. When they pushed open their doors, Amelia caught her breath. It was so perfect. There was a wall of windows and on each wall the biggest beds she had ever seen. This room was huge. 

Amelia and Jodi picked their beds and left their backpacks on them. 

“Let’s go check out Jase’s room,” Jodi said. 

“Okay,” Amelia said. They walked over and knocked on Jase’s door. He opened it, smiling. 

“My room is super cool.” Amelia and Jodi walked into his room. It was a replica of theirs. 

“What does your guys’ look like?” Jase asked. 

“Looks pretty much exactly like this.” They hung out in the common room for a few hours, talking and looking at the view. Someone knocked on the door. 

“Come in,” Jase shouted. Alvara walked in, worry on her face. 

“What wrong?” Amelia asked. 

“Luna just sent me a message. There’s another kid from your school here.”