Artist Profile: Chase Atlantic

(Image via Triple J Unearthed)

(Image via Triple J Unearthed)

Alexa Moore, Writer

Chase Atlantic is a band from Australia. The band consists of Christian Anthony, Mitchel Cave, and Clinton Cave. Mitchel Cave and Clinton Cave are brothers. Their style of music is edgy in my opinion. I really like their music. They became a band in 2011, I believe this affected the way they produce and how they present themselves. In 2011, the music industry was changing along with what people thought about music. Their music has not changed a whole lot. If you listen to some from when they first became a band as opposed to now they really don’t sound too different. Obviously, there are some changes, like the beat in the songs and how fast-paced they are. But lyrics wise, it really is not too different. 

Their most recent album was focused on having bad mental health, and showing that you can achieve things even if it seems like you have no motivation for it. They have a song named “Even Though I’m Depressed” the title kind of tells what it is about. Basically, it is saying that you can do things even if you’re depressed. One lyric that stood out to me was “I’m either happy or I wish I was dead.” That really shows how depression can be, absolutely no sugar coating it and just giving it straight. I have depression so I guess I could be a little biased about this song and album overall, but it really is nice. 

They have two albums and five EP’s. My favorite EP of theirs is “DON’T TRY THIS” it has six songs on it. The songs are named “WHAT YOU CALL THAT,” “LIKE A ROCKSTAR”, “GREENGREENGREEN”, “YOU TOO”, “DEVILISH” and “LUST”. My favorite song is “YOU TOO”, it is basically about being in a bad relationship. It also mentions an eating disorder, the lyric saying “I’m sorry that your illness is a subsequential reason you don’t eat too much”, it doesn’t directly state it but it does point towards it. I believe this is bringing awareness to eating disorders, even if it was just mentioned a little bit. Another lyric that I really like is “Don’t choose, if you love it then you cut the thing loose.” It shows the relationship I was talking about. It represents how people should think in a relationship, if something isn’t going how you like then you should let them go. 

I discovered them in 2018, quite a while after they became a band. The first song I heard from them was “Swim”, it was one of their most popular songs. It is very catchy and I like the beat a lot. Even though I discovered them pretty late, I still listen to most of their older songs as well. Such as, “Anchor Tattoo” from their EP “Nostalgia”. It is about a man who meets a girl and one of the memorable things about her is her anchor tattoo.