TikTok Has Taken Over Everyone’s Lives


(Image via TikTok)

Monique Rosas, Editor

In late 2016, the social media app TikTok was created in China. After the app’s huge success in China, they decided to release a similar model to the U.S. By October 2018, Tiktok became the most downloaded app in the United States. The app has created a safe space where people can express themselves, educate others, and entertain each other.

Tiktok was initially created as a dancing app, but the content created on the app has expanded from dancing to singing, comedy, and much more. Every week something new is trending whether that is a dance or a certain challenge. The app runs on all the creative ideas developed by its creators. Even some creators such as Addison Rae and Charli D’amelio have made careers out of this app by gaining millions of likes on their videos. Though not everyone on the app has received fame, many have been able to showcase their talent and still receive thousands of likes/views. At the end of the day, putting your voices out there is all that matters.

Unlike other social media apps, TikTok is very realistic to current problems the youth is facing and has even helped many find solutions to their problems. “TikTok is a relatable, unfiltered, at times heartbreaking, often humorous, look at other people’s unscripted realities—mental health issues and all.” When the pandemic hit a large number of people began to suffer from severe mental health issues. Believe it or not, Tiktok was the one thing that helped many people bring their motivation and happiness back. This is because creators on the app feel comfortable to talk about their struggles and provide tips on how to overcome them. This is very useful to the younger generations who have trouble communicating with the people around them. It’s nice to know that you’re not the only one going through rough times.

The greatest thing about Tiktok is how informed many creators are about issues going on in the world. During this last year so much has happened: the coronavirus outbreak, the black lives matter movement, and the presidential election. Well, all of those topics are talked about on TikTok. Hashtags like #educateyourself and #takeaction categorizes a list of millions of videos to provide information on things we should know about or how to prevent harmful things from happening. People have no excuse to not be well informed on issues when it’s so easy to access all the information you need on Tiktok.

This new social media platform has truly taken over the world. I mean Tiktok has billions of creators on the app. Now there is a place where everyone is welcome and people can find confidence in themselves. Tiktok has also brought a ton of awareness to sensitive topics such as mental health and politics to the younger generation. More than ever people needed an app like this to try and reconnect with reality. I hope the app continues to bring joy to everyone around the world.