Why Christmas Is the Best Holiday


(Image via Fond)

Brianna Garcia-Andrade, Writer

What’s your favorite holiday? For most people, their favorite holiday corresponds with their favorite season. For example, people whose favorite holiday is Christmas tend to like the wintertime. A lot of people say that Christmas is the best holiday of the year, but if you are not one of those people, then this article is for you. Here are some reasons as to why Christmas is the best holiday and, hopefully, by the end, you can agree with that statement.

Seasons correspond heavily with what a person’s favorite holiday is. For example, if someone’s favorite season is winter, then they are more likely to like a holiday during the wintertime, which leads to the first reason why Christmas is the best holiday. It is during the peak of winter. This means that there’s a higher chance of snow, and who doesn’t want a white Christmas? The snow makes so many fun activities available, such as building snowmen, going snowboarding, going sledding, snowball fights, and it’s mesmerizing to watch the snowfall. But it also calls for a lot of indoor activities because it’s the best time to get cozy and warm by a fireplace and drink hot chocolate, or gather around with family and play board games together. This leads me to my next reason.

Christmas has a special way of bringing people together, especially families. When families eventually split up and start living their own lives with their own people, it’s hard to find a good time to come back together. Most of the time, people use Christmas as a time to see each other at least once a year because it’s a big and meaningful holiday. It’s not always easy for everyone to come together because things happen, and sometimes life just gets in the way, but during this holiday season is when you see more people putting in the effort to spend time with one another. Christmas is about being with your family and friends because it’s a beautiful time that’s supposed to be spent with the people that you love. Also, you can’t forget about the decorations. Walking through neighborhoods and towns looking at all the different lights is a breathtaking sight. Decorating the Christmas tree with your family while listening to Christmas music is also always a good time.

In conclusion, Christmas is the perfect time of the year, which makes it the best holiday ever. You can’t argue that statement when you think about snow, Christmas lights, Christmas music, Christmas trees, being with family, and being with friends. It all comes together and it makes for a lovely time. So I’ll end this the same way I started it, only now I hope I’ve persuaded you into a different opinion. What’s your favorite holiday?