Amazing Animals


(Image via Piqsels)

Hailey McVey, Writer

Animals are amazing in so many ways. They may not be for everyone though, due to allergies and home life. Although, that doesn’t necessarily stop you from loving them. Animals are not only good companions but have many mental health benefits by giving support to their owners. Over 62 % of homes in the United States have one or more animals. As a pet owner, you have more opportunities to socialize and go outside depending on the animal. Before getting an animal you should make sure you have the room, time, and funds to take care of them so that they are comfortable, fed, and given attention. If you don’t meet these factors then you should hold out from getting a pet until you are more prepared. You want to treat an animal like you would yourself or a friend because they are a living thing that deserves proper care just as much as we do.

Many different types of animals are amazing companions. These vary from rodents to reptiles to more common animals like dogs and cats. Household animals provide a relationship, a bond between the owner and the pet. Some people often confide in their pets with secrets or even just to talk to and love on them. Pets don’t talk back or hurt feelings. They are unknowing, while also loving, which is needed for a great listener. After a long day, the best feeling is walking into your house and getting trampled by your dog or walking into your room and your cat is ready to cuddle with you. The one thing that is certain as a pet owner you’ll never feel or be alone. 

Animals have SO many health benefits! They not only reduce loneliness but boost levels of dopamine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters in the body that have many different purposes including happiness and mood. So when you show affection to an animal it makes you happier and less stressed. Because of this, sometimes animals get brought into nursing homes or hospitals to boost the patient’s moods. Also, it has been proven that owning a pet with fur will decrease the probability of developing asthma or certain allergies. So in the long run it boosts your immunity. Another benefit of having an animal is their greeting to you when you get home. This tends to make one’s day better or make a bad day become a good day.

On top of that, some people NEED animals, such as service animals–one of the main animals that people use for service are dogs, mainly because they are highly intelligent and can learn many things if taught well. Service dogs go through roughly 6 months of training to be qualified. Service animals, depending on the person, can know varieties of things. For example, if someone with anxiety is having an anxiety attack, the animal is trained to try to distract and/or soothe them by licking them or giving them attention. Others need service dogs as seeing eye dogs. Seeing-eye dogs are dogs that help blind people get around so that they don’t run into things or other people. They are also trained to signal their handler when there are bumps in the ground or roads. These service animals base their whole lives around protecting their handler and that is the sweetest thing ever.

If you don’t have an animal in your home I would very much recommend it because of all of the mental, physical, and social benefits. Even if you have allergies to pets there are ways around it. For example, getting an animal without fur, like a bird or reptile. Just because they aren’t fuzzy and cuddly doesn’t mean you can’t have a loving relationship with that type of animal. Taking care of an animal not only has mental benefits, but it gives structure to the owner. By trying to do everything in your power to keep that animal alive. So take the time to feed them, walk them/clean their enclosures, and give them attention. Animals can be a lot of work, but it is definitely worth the benefits and love you get in return.