Cats Are Great!


(Image via The Humane Society)

Kaydence Royland, Writer

Have you ever begged your parents or guardians to get you a pet? Do you ever feel lonely or have bad mental health? Cats can help with that! Here are the reasons why cats are great, and how they help humans. 

Studies have shown that having a cat makes you 30%  less likely to die from a heart attack or a stroke because cats have a calming effect on their owners. They can even lower your blood pressure studies have shown. Cats owners also have a 30 or 40 percent lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. In 5 Ways Cats Make Us Better Humans, it says, “Even your bloodstream (and what’s found inside) can find benefit from spending time with a cat. The American Heart Association says owning a cat can help you live longer by lowering your triglycerides, a factor which determines stroke risk”. That’s just another reason to get a cat! Cats also improve mental health. They are known to help with anxiety, depression,  and other mental disorders and just like dogs, cats can be service animals too. Even though cats can be mean sometimes,  they’re very cuddly and playful! When a cat purrs and kneads, it means the cat is relaxed and very happy, and everybody likes a happy kitty. 

Another reason cats are great pets is that they’re easier to take care of than dogs. Cats learn to use the cat box quicker than dogs learn to go outside to go to the bathroom. Cats also clean themselves, while dogs need to get baths every week. The only time that I don’t like cats is when they puke or throw up. They usually don’t do it in just one area; it’s in 1-3 different areas around the house. However when dogs puke you might not know about it because they may eat it. Gross, I know right, but luckily cats don’t eat what they puke up. You can also get your cat’s nails trimmed so they don’t scratch you. I do my cat’s nails every week to make sure they don’t get their nails stuck or scratch someone or one of the other cats too hard.

Did you know that cats help keep unwanted pests from coming inside your house? They keep out mice, gophers, rats, and other rodents depending on where you live. Cats can even protect humans. The article Are Cats Protective of Their Humans?, states, “You might not realize how closely your cat pays attention to where you are and what you’re doing… your cat might even protect a child from a dog attack” and “numerous cats have  alerted their humans to medical emergencies, including cancer and carbon monoxide poisoning.” 

Besides cats helping with physical and mental health, they’re just straight-up amazing! They’re cuddly, kissable, fluffy, and if you love them, they love you back. Also, cats require less maintenance and energy to take care of. You don’t have to take cats on walks to go to the bathroom, you don’t have to play with them outside, and you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty if they’re inside cats. If you keep your cat inside you can keep track of them and don’t have to worry about them not coming home or being attacked by a coyote or dog, and if they have health problems it is a better idea to keep them inside. For instance, even if my family wanted to keep my cat Edward outside, we couldn’t because he has health problems and needs to take medicine at certain times a day.

In the world, there are about 52 different breeds of cats! Just in America, 94.2 million cats are in households, 58 million feral cats are out in the wild, and 3.2 million, cats enter an animal shelter every year. We need to do better and help the animals who love us. Instead of buying a cat or dog for thousands of dollars, go to an animal shelter, and adopt a cat or dog in need of a loving home.

Are you allergic to cats? If so, there’s a cat for you too! They’re called hypoallergenic cat breeds. These cats are great for people who are allergic to cats but still want one to take care of and cuddle. Some of the names of hypoallergenic cats are Siberian, Devon Rex, Balinese, Oriental shorthair, and more.

In conclusion, cats are great and you should get one! Cats are so adorable and they are easier to take care of and even people with allergies can get a cat too! Just more reasons why cats are great pets!