Top 6 Songs By Russ

(Image via SoundCloud)

(Image via SoundCloud)

Skyler Randleman, Writer

Russ is one of my favorite artists, he makes more mellow rap songs talking about his struggles and some of his songs talk about his achievements. Russ started making music at seven years old, writing little rap songs in his notebooks. He recorded his first song at 18, and from December 2011 to August 2014 he came out with 11 albums and 87 singles which to the artist is a lot. He still continues to produce music. These are my favorite songs by Russ, and why I like them. 

“Still” by Russ is my favorite song by him because it’s talking about how he is still producing music and still on top of the game. I relate to this because I might be performing well in something but I know that I can’t slack off and I need to keep pushing myself to become better at anything I do so I can be the best me that I can be. 

“MOMMA” by Russ is a song talking about his mom and how she doesn’t have to worry anymore because Russ made it. I like this song because it connects to me, I’m really close with my mom and family means a lot to me and I will do anything for my mom. I know how much I put my mom through and I’m so willing to make her proud and I want her to live the best life that she can live and I really hope that I can help provide that for her whether that be enjoyment or love.

“Live from the villa” by Russ is a song that I enjoy very much when I need that little bit of confidence but also to land my plane a little and remember where I come from. One of my favorite lines on the song is “Give without remembering, receive without forgetting,” which means to me to give back and not worry about receiving anything, and when you receive something, never forget that gesture somebody did for you even if it’s something small. I also like the line “Do anything but lie to me, lie to me.” Because all my relationships are based on trust and respect nothing like this, if you lie to me you have no respect for me and that just breaks my trust. 

“Old days” by Russ is a song reminiscing on his old self and how he was more Carefree. I relate to this song because now I feel like everything matters and I really have to push myself to do good whether that be from classes to football but sometimes I just wish that I could be carefree, and not have to worry about what I look like, how I’m doing in school, or how I carry myself. Sometimes I just wish I could be a little kid again.

“Can’t Be Me” by Russ is a song talking about how others can’t be him because they lack the Determination and how they let time go to waste while he doesn’t. I feel like I’m the same way because I usually don’t like to procrastinate, and when I really put my mind to it I feel like I can accomplish a lot and surprise a lot of people that wouldn’t expect me to be able to do something. A line I like from this song is  “Rich is in the mind, not in your wallet,” which means to me if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything and yet money can’t.

 “Nobody knows” is a song by Russ talking about his mental health and how he masks it from society and how so many people rely on him so he never has a chance to rely on anybody else. I relate to this song because I kind of feel the same way a lot of times. I mask my pain or my sorrows away from people because I don’t want to come off as weak. I know a lot of my friends count on me to be the one to talk to but sometimes I feel alone. I’ve helped so many people but nobody ever takes the time to help me so “Nobody knows.” 

For all these reasons and songs this is why I love Russ and his music, from talking about pain to talking about how he is still producing and putting music out there that is extraordinarily good. It’s almost like me and this artist have a deeper connection because I can relate to his music a lot and maybe you can too through these songs that I presented to you.