Pandemic-Safe Winter Break Activities

Tabitha Fitzgerald, Writer

Each year when winter break rolls around, it is nearly impossible not to look forward to holiday-related activities, such as snow days, hot chocolate, and seasonal movies. However, with all that has gone on in the last year, this holiday season is sure to look a little different than we’re used to. While we may not be able to do everything and see everyone that we want to, it doesn’t mean that we won’t still be able to enjoy the holiday spirit and time off. 

While there’s no safe way to have parties or see as many friends and family as would be preferred,  there are still ways to connect with loved ones this holiday season. One staple of the holiday season is giving gifts and holiday shopping. In past years, heading downtown to window shop and hand-delivering gifts is one of the most memorable experiences of the holidays. However, this year, it’s most likely impossible to see all of our loved ones in person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still give them gifts and show our love. If you would like to give someone outside of your family a gift this year, there are a few ways to send them something special. If you have an Amazon or other online shopping account, you could pick out something you know they would enjoy, select gift wrapping, and insert their address. That way, it gets delivered straight to their door. If you’d like, you can even send a personalized card along with their gift. If you would rather wrap the gift yourself or simply not have it sent straight to their house, you can always send their gift your way and send it to them later. After you receive and wrap their present, you can either mail it to their house or you could deliver it to them yourself by wearing a mask, wiping down the package or leaving disinfectant wipes with the gift, and dropping the package off at their door. However, if you do decide to drop a package off yourself, please make sure to let them know you’re dropping something off as “Porch Pirates” are most active around the holidays. 

While it is most definitely a large part of the holidays, giving gifts is not the only joy of the season, and even this wacky year, there are plenty of COVID-19 safe holiday activities to enjoy. Besides decorating your home, there are many socially-distanced activities you can enjoy with family or by yourself. One relaxing activity is baking cookies and making hot chocolate “bombs” for a holiday movie marathon. There’s little better than snuggling up on the couch with a blanket, your pet, cookies, and a creamy cup of hot chocolate to relax and watch comforting holiday favorites. You can buy some cookies and hot chocolate bombs from the grocery store, or for a fun creative activity, you can make them yourself. My personal favorite recipes are the Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Tastes of Homemade Hot Chocolate Bombs. Be sure to have a silicone mold if you plan on making some delicious instant hot chocolate bombs. 

While the holidays will definitely look different this year, there are still plenty of fun activities to look forward to this holiday season.