Celebrations Around the World: Australia


(Image credit: Sydney Festival/Justin Ma)

Grace Hertel, Writer

One of Australia’s biggest celebrations is the Sydney Festival. It happens every January. It takes place for three weeks and consists of circuses, concerts, shows, and everything you can imagine. The Sydney Festival was made to attract more people to Sydney, Australia. The festival transforms Sydney with cutting edge technology and shows. There are new events every year and you always have something to do. The events can be inside or outside it all depends on what they are. Local artists are usually the entertainers because the festival doesn’t just help the tourist rate go up, but also helps local talent be recognized. Many now-famous productions started at the Sydney Festival. 

The Festival Free Night is an enormous free party on the first Saturday which attracts over 250,000 people. The Festival has many free things other than the first big party. If you are picky about what you want to see you might have to pay to see it, but if not, there are lots of performances for you to see without paying. These performances happen throughout the festival, so you can go whenever you want. There are so many things for you to do and see at the festival. 

The events cover everything you could possibly imagine. Sydney Festival enlivens and transforms Sydney with a bold cultural celebration based on big ideas and cutting-edge art and performance. The program has a crazy amount of diversity; from jaw-dropping cabaret to epic art installations, international theatre, modern indigenous work, and more. 2021 has many things such as “Kenny,” the theater production about the world of Kenny Smith, the man who took care of business. Other plays include “Duba” a play about the earth, and there is “H.M.S. Pinafore” a Gilbert and Sullivan masterpiece. There are concerts by Annie Hamilton. There is a tribute to Australia’s greatest musical troubadours. You have “The Future Remains” an opera and classical production. “12 Hands 6 Grands” is a production of Australia’s 6 greatest pianists playing six grand pianos. “Heartland” is where didgeridoo virtuoso William Barton and powerhouse violinist Véronique Serret will perform a poetic performance. There will be two circuses. “The Pulse” is Australia’s finest circus company, performing their most ambitious show yet. “A Bee Story” is the other circus show, it’s family-friendly, that hums with heart, humor, and humanity. There are many things that you can do at the festival, and I have not even listed a quarter of them, but if you are interested you will learn more.

The Sydney Festival is extravagant and great for all ages. You can see shows for free or you can pay to see them. If you choose to go, you will have the experience of a lifetime with all the amazing events. The Sydney Festival is always up to date and finding great local talent. The festival includes circuses, theater productions, lots of music, and so much more. So if you ever want to go to Australia, you should definitely take a look at going during the festival.