Trump Confusing Public About Election


(Image credit: Carlos Barria/Reuters; via The Texas Tribune)

Gladys Garcia Vasquez, Writer

Trump is trying to convince the public about the election outcome. He doesn’t want to accept that he lost the presidential election. The Republicans in Congress have been staying silent. His tweets have been judged because of his deeper denial. People have been telling him to accept his loss, but he doesn’t want to accept it yet. “Trump is running a “classic Russian-style disinformation campaign,” known as the “firehose of falsehood,” he said.” (Cnn

Falsehoods are like throwing spaghetti against the wall. They can also be wild, might cause confusion, and it can be random things like this is what they see in President Trump.

Even the Democrats have to deal with it and it’s hard for them to deal with it. Not a lot of people realize what is going on in the White House and what is happening there. They don’t see how the president is or what is in reality happening. Some may see what is happening but some don’t.

Something that this has caused is that we have heard a lot of lies to the point that now we don’t know what is true or not. We heard enough lies and don’t know what’s the truth anymore. 

News anchor Eric Shawn matter-of-factly dismantled what Trump and Bartiromo had just built.”Cnn. No one, not even Trump’s lawyer, can prove anything that Trump has been saying lately. Some reporters say that Trump won the election, like Sean Hannity. On Sunday night, Hannity posted on Twitter “Drive Trump from office” and what he meant was that Trump’s presidential term is over. 

Chris Krebs, two weeks after the election, called Trump’s actions dangerous, for which he was fired from the Department of Homeland Security. He said, “What I saw was an apparent attempt to undermine confidence in the election, to confuse people, to scare people” (news). After that, Trump said it was ridiculous and he continued to tweet baseless claims and theories of electoral malpractice. The president told a reporter that he would leave the White House if the electoral college voted for Biden.

The U.S Justice Department didn’t find any evidence to say there was widespread voter fraud. And this wouldn’t change the outcome of the 2020 elections. Trump and his boss want to subvert last month’s voting and block Joe Biden from taking the place in the White house. 

Attorney General Barr scheduled an appointment Tuesday at the White House that lasted about three hours. Trump didn’t directly say anything about the elections, but Rudy Giuliani said a statement that claimed this was about Trump’s complaints. Everyone who was against what Trump was doing was fired (Maybe Barr will suffer the same fate). They don’t see people have different ways to think about the things they do. So the Senate Democrats said that “he could be the next person to be fired.” 

We should not believe things that aren’t true with no proof. Just because the president says it doesn’t mean that it is true.