College vs. Taking a Gap Year

(Image via Dunbar Educational Consultants)

(Image via Dunbar Educational Consultants)

Grace Hertel, Writer

This article is all about college vs… taking a gap year. We will be having the same five main categories because be honest they are the most important aspects. So first up we will have your future career. Next up in second place will be family. Money will take third place. Coming in at number four we have commitment. Last, but not least, we have experiencing life. So let’s start.

Future career, wow huge right. Well, a gap year can hurt or help your future career. If you volunteer during your gap year your resume will be way better. Accredited says that in an interview your interviewers’ might focus more on your gap year than education if you volunteer and work during the gap year. Some people do go to college after a gap year, others though don’t get the will to do more school, so their jobs aren’t very good. A college has many career options for everyone. You can do practically anything. So maybe you would do something with a gap year or maybe you should go to college right away. 

Family is great, at least most of the time. So with a gap year maybe you will travel or just stay at home, either way, you will probably be able to contact your family and friends. With college, you will see family on breaks and can contact them anytime. You might even live with them while you go to a college close-by. Family is important, and it should have a part in your decision.

Money is probably the thing that has the most power in the world. With a gap year, you could spend a lot of money or make more, it’s up to you what you do. Maybe you take a gap year and then your parents will no longer pay for your college education, or you lose scholarships. There’s also the chance that you save more money by working. Colleges take money out of your pocket, but you can also work at the same time. Loans also play a role, because it is a way to get money to pay for college. So maybe you have a lot of money or almost none, and maybe you base your decision on that.

Commitment is so different for everyone. With a gap year, you have to commit to doing something during and after the gap year, or you will go nowhere. College is all about how much you wanna commit to getting your degree. Maybe you don’t want your degree that much, then there is a good chance you won’t finish college. If you want to get your degree then you will have to work hard, but you can get it. You have to keep paying for college though and if you take out a loan you commit to paying it. So how much commitment do you have?

Experiencing life is one of those things you just gotta do. During a gap year, you may travel and go to new places. You could also stay at home and work. Colleges have different opportunities based on where your college is. You also get an experience that’s based on you and what you like. So keep this in mind, please.

If you have to choose, take it all into perspective and take your time, don’t just jump into the decision super fast.