Artist Profile: Aaron May

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Joselyn Gonzalez, Writer

    “Music is not what I do. It is what I am.” This quote is what rapper Aaron May stands by as he quickly grows in the music industry. Born May 2, 2001, in Alief, which is a neighborhood in Houston Texas, Aaron has grown to be quite the young rapper. When May started to take a serious path in the music industry, he was just 17 years old. Now, he’s 19 years old and striving to be better. In an interview with SoundTrap, Aaron stated he started writing poems at a very young age and wrote his first song in 5th grade. He then proceeded to make SoundCloud freestyles that would inspire him later to proceed in his career. Aaron has been Influenced by Nas, Fugees, OutKast, and J.Cole to pursue his career. Due to that mindset, he has released a total of about 15 songs. May has a total of 15 songs, some are categorized as singles, others appear on his album or EP.

     On November, 30th, 2018, the young rapper released his first official single, “Ride. Juggling school and the making of this song, it was though for the rapper but later on paid off as he started to get more recognition from people and peers at school. Two months later, on January 30th, 2019, he released “Let Go” which transformed his life for the better. Other singles he currently has are, “I’m Good Luv, Enjoy”, “On Me”, and “Yung Hustla (2k)” which were released from February 21, 2019, to March 19, 2020. Aaron also has an EP, “Summer 19’’ that has 3 songs, this EP was released on October 9, 2019. 

   May currently has one released Album titled CHASE. This mixtape was released on February 28, 2019. CHASE holds a total of 11 songs featuring familiar songs such as “Let Go” and “I’m Good Luv, Enjoy. In an interview with Complex, they discussed his newly released album back in 2019. Some questions were raised over the fact of why Aaron didn’t include “Ridein his first album. He stated, “It dropped like two years ago and I wrote it when I was 16. The video came out another six months after the song, so the song is old.” This demonstrated that Aaron likes keeping up with the times as he grows and changes his style. When May released the video, it quickly grew to have 12k views due to his promotions, now it’s at 2.4 million views. That is nothing compared to the fact that his “Let Go” video has about 7.8 million views. For an 18-year-old kid that barely started, it was amazing. 

    Other amazing accomplishments Aaron May has achieved were producing songs for others and being featured in other artist songs. For example, O.E. is a very good friend of his and they currently have one collab, “Feelings”. Aaron has produced one song for him, “0 for 2” (pronounced O for 2). Besides O.E., the “Ride” singer has appeared on songs with Jay Millz, more specifically on “Sad Truth”. 

    Aaron May has accomplished so much in such a little time. May grew from being a normal highschooler to having more than 64.1K followers on Instagram. He’s so young, yet already gets compared to J.Cole. May has a bright future ahead if he keeps thriving in the music industry. Currently, he is signed to the record deal, MOVIETHEAM. As a closing statement, he says “I just want to be the best Artist I can be,” and there is no cap there.