College vs Job

Grace Hertel, Writer

So you know that thing that one or both of your parents, and maybe even you, might have: a job. Well, this article will be all about taking the job course right away versus going to a four-year college. I am going to talk about five main topics. One will be a future career. Second, we will talk about family. Third, we will have money. Up fourth is commitment. Fifth up to bat will be life, ahh what a wonderful thing. So let’s get started. 

Your career will determine a lot of things, like your vacation time, where you go on vacation … Just kidding, it will determine more things like can you support others, pay your bills, enjoy life. If you go straight into a job you will probably not get very good pay or a very interesting job. Also, it will take a while to get to the pay of someone with a degree. If you have a degree you have a better chance of getting a job. If you go to a college you have a wide range of career options. Universities offer many different classes to get your degree. It all depends on what you like for career choices.

Family, well that’s a big thing. If you have a family to support, a job might be better because you are gaining money, not losing it. You can contact and visit your family if you have a job or go to college. With college though you probably can not live with your family because you could be anywhere around the country. When you have a job you can still live with your family. So if you have a family to support you might wanna go with the job course. If you don’t have people to support other than yourself it’s up to what you want to do.

Well, money… you know the thing that you have to have to survive in this world. You earn money almost right away in a job. Some people might need money for many different reasons. Others might not be interested in going through more schooling so they will skip college. Some people save money to go to college later in life. A lot of people get summer jobs and that’s how they pay for college. So usually you have a job either way. If you are having struggles paying for college you can get scholarships or even federal grants. Whether to pay for college or to support your family.

Commitment, wow it’s a big thing in our life. I mean some people do not commit, but others have lots. A job has very little commitment unless you are on contract. People though have to show up for work every day they are supposed to, unless they are sick or taking vacation time (which will get a certain amount of days off for). If you do not show up for work,  you will be fired. You usually have to tell them two weeks ahead of time before you quit. College is a little different as long as you keep paying for it the people don’t care if you show up for a class or have passing grades, you just won’t graduate. If you don’t pay the money to go to school, you will be kicked out. You can stop school if you don’t have the money and then when you have the money resume it. Commitment is such a big thing in life, but it is different for everyone.

Life is a great thing for some people, others not so much. Experiencing life is a good thing to do. With a job you don’t get very many experiences, because you are working almost every day. With college, it is a little more laid back, because you choose when your classes are. You have more opportunities to go out or go on vacation. It all depends on you and what you are doing with life.

I hope you take all this into perspective if you are choosing.