Shifting Realities Is a New Trend On TikTok


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Ellee Grove, Writer

Do you have a dream reality or have you ever wanted to go somewhere, like meet your favorite book and or movie characters?  Well there’s a new trend on TikTok called shifting realities or better known on the app as shifting. The hashtag #Shifting on TikTok has 193.7 million views, these videos range from people talking about their experiences, methods for shifting realities and or places to shift to. Shifting is a meditation-like state almost like lucid dreaming where you can “go into a new reality” by moving your consciousness to where you wanna go. On the app TikTok, most people talk about going into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and having experiences with Draco Malfoy or playing with magic, and it’s so real! Of course, this is not the only place where you can shift to it’s all based on you and where you wanna go. 

  If you don’t know the differences of what lucid dreaming is or shifting is, it’s all considered subconscious awareness but it’s still very different. They even have terminology. Lucid dreaming is subconscious control while reality shifting is called subconscious lifting. Lucid dreaming is controlling your dream in an environment of REM activation where your mind is in a more aware state and you can control what you’re doing and what’s going on around you however it doesn’t feel very real. Reality shifting is placing your mind in a parallel universe where you have created the scenario and can feel very real because technically you are there. 

Do you have your desired reality in mind? Good because I’m gonna go over the methods of shifting realities. Now the most popular method I came across quite a lot is referred to as the raven method where you lay down in a starfish-like position and make sure none of your limbs are touching, then count to 100 thinking of your desired reality. Some people also say it’s nice to have calming music in the background. Another thing I hear people talking about on the apps TikTok and Amino is keeping a dream-like diary called a shifting diary where you write down a script of everything that you want to happen so shifting comes easier. Some are opposed to that idea because they want it to be more natural. Another extremely popular method is called the Alice in Wonderland method. You start laying in a comfortable position and imagine yourself sitting against a tree. You sit against the tree for however long you feel comfortable then imagine someone from your desired reality running past you and you chasing them till they get to a rabbit hole. Follow them down it while things from your reality fall past you. Once you get to the bottom of the hole you should see a locked door with a key and the person there with you. Look at the person and they should ask you something along the lines of are you ready. After you go through the door you should see a room from the reality you went too and you should lay down in the position you fell asleep in then go to bed and wake up where you wanna go. There are many other methods and things to do to help you through your shifting processes; you can find what is easiest for you.