USMNT v Mexico


(Image via Sporting News, Getty Images)

Ailene Dominguez, Writer

The Teams Have Arrived at the Red Bull Arena, New Jersey. The teams have started to warm up and get ready for the game to start. USMNT lineup, Goalie: Naher, Defense: O’hara, Dahlkemper, Sauerbrunn, Dunn, MIdfield: Ertz Mewis, Lavelle, Forwards: Heath, Morgan, Rapinoe. Mexico’s Starting Lineup, Goalie: Santiago, Defense: K. Robles, Romero, Bernal, Lopez, Midfielders: Espinoza, Nieto, J.Robles, Ovalle, Forwards: Martinez, Palacios. And The whistle blows to start the first half, Mexico Has won the first kick-off. Palacios Passes the ball back to Nieto who has then dropped the ball back and passed to K. Robles, She then passes the ball to Espinoza who then passes it back to K. Robles, with Rapinoe leaving no room to pass the ball. K. Robles passes the ball back to Santiago, Santiago then proceeds to pass the ball to Lopez. Lopez Headers the ball and lands at the feet of Palacios, Palacios then gives it to J. Robles who passes it up again to Lopez then another pass to Ovalle then to Martinez but was then stopped by the USWNT and has been passed to O’hara but it has been kicked out. The ball has been thrown back in and has been given to Dahl Kemper and then it has been given to O’Hara who then passes it to Dunn, Passed back to O’hare And then to Lovalle, who passed it back to Naeher who then kicks it to Sauerbrunn then to Dunn and passed up to Mewis who tries her best to get a shot at goalie but has gone too far to the right. Santiago has kicked it out and Ovalle has headed it and it has gone to heath then, passed to Ovalle who tries to pass it to heath but it has been kicked out by Lopez. O’Hara throws it back in and too Lavelle who gets it and passes it to Rapinoe who then gives it to Mewis who passes it to Dunn and then to heath who volleys it and goes out. Santiago passes the ball to Bernal but has passed Bernal’s feet and it goes out of bounds. Morgan throws it back in and goes to Ertz who passes it to Mewis who then passes it to Rapinoe who shoots and misses it. Corner kick, Rapinoe kicks the ball and gives the ball to Sauerbrunn who passes the ball to Lavelle but, then passes it to Heath who kicks the ball to the goalie but it has sadly gone out of bounds. Santiago Passes it to Bernal and was passed back to her, she then kicks it to the center and has been headed by Dahlkemper who was also headed by J.Robles then given to Martinez who tries to pass it to Espinoza but her kick wasn’t hard enough and has been gotten by Dunn who passes it to Rapinoe, Rapinoe dribbles the ball more but then she stops and shoots her shot and has gone too far to the right and missed the goal. At About 10 minutes Heath had scored the very first goal for the USWNT. Santiago tried to pass it to Bernal but Heath had gotten the ball first and she took her shot and made her goal. It was amazing in my point of view. At about 74 almost 75 minutes Lloyd has dribbled the ball up close to the net and kicks the ball to the center who was kicked to the Back of the net by, Pugh. And another goal at 87:30 minutes in the game. Press has gotten herself alone; she was then passed the ball and took her chances and to the back of the net the ball goes!. The match has come to an end with the score being 3-0. The players pass by one by one and are cheered by the Audience. ESPN has gotten an interview with Lloyd and she says “I am really looking forward to it, we’re gonna do some great stuff, and uh we gotta get ready for Thailand now.”