Sucked Into Another World


(Image via Pixoloid Studios)

Lily Pliske, Writer

Amelia walked to school, resenting the icy wind that seeped through her coat. She shivered as she pulled her coat closer to her. Her school came into view and as she walked inside, she saw Jase lying on a bench with earbuds in his ears and her heart did a little somersault as she sat down. 

“Hey,” Jase said, opening his eyes and looking up at Amelia. He pulled out his earbuds and sat up.

“How’s your morning?” Amelia asked.

“Good, I’m just exhausted.”

“Yeah, I get that.” She was about to ask another question when Jodi walked up. 

“Hi, Jodi.” 

“Hey guys, how are all of your mornings?” They chatted for a little while.

 “I have to go to the library and return a book you guys wanna come?” Amelia asked standing up and slinging her backpack over her shoulder. 

“Yeah sure.” They walked up the staircase rounding the corner and pushing open the double doors of the library. Amelia walked up to the desk and put her book into the return basket. 

“I’m gonna see if they have this new book I’m waiting for.” Jase smiled and shook his head, but she ignored him. They both followed her down to the fantasy section. Amelia bent down to look for the book when something hard fell on her head.

“Owwwwww.” She rubbed her head.

“Are you okay?” Jase and Jodi both asked. Jase bent down next to her. 

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Amelia picked up the book. It had a leather cover with intricate designs covering it. She flipped it open, and Jase and Jodi leaned over her shoulder to look at the book. 

“The Kingdom of Thralia.” They all read at the same time. 

“Huh I don’t know if I have ever heard―” Amelia’s voice trailed off as the world around her and her friends started to spin. 

“What is happening?” Jase shouted. Amelia tried to answer, but her voice was lost. Everything around them started disappearing, replaced by bright flashes of light and color. They clung to each other and closed their eyes, waiting for it to stop. 

When Amelia opened her eyes, she saw trees taller than skyscrapers and birds in every color you could think of. The air smelled clean and sweet. 

“Are you guys seeing what I’m seeing?” Amelia asked looking over at her friends. 

“Holy crap, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore,” Jase flashed a smile, “haha get the joke?”  She rolled her eyes at him, hiding her smile.

“Yes, you are very sooooo funny but where the heck are we?”

“I have no idea?” Amelia looked down and realized she was still holding the book from the library and it was glowing. Realization flooded her brain.

“I know this sounds so crazy, but I think the book that fell on my head took us here.” 

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Jodi said. 

“I know, but things like this don’t just happen okay and the book is glowing.” 

“What?!” They both tore their eyes from the trees and looked at the book, which was still indeed glowing.

As they watched the book it slowly lost its color and went back to normal. “Okay, let’s say the book brought us here, where is here?” Jodi gestured around before pulling her long blond hair into a ponytail. Amelia opened the book and showed her the title. They were silent for a long time. 

“No, that’s not possible, we are not in some magical world called The Kingdom of Thralia,” Jase snapped at Amelia.

“Well then, how would you explain this?” Amelia’s voice was getting louder as she gestured around. 

“Guys stop fighting.” Jodi stepped between them. “Yelling at each other isn’t going to help, we need to figure out where we are, and standing in the middle of the woods is not going to help.” They both were silent for a long time before Jase broke it. 

“I’m sorry. Jodi you’re right, let’s try to figure out where we are.” They picked up their backpacks, and Amelia put the book in hers. The woods were the most beautiful place she had ever seen. The greens of the trees were more vibrant, and the birds sang louder. 

“This is so beautiful,” she almost whispered. 

“Yeah, it is.” Jase looked at her. “Look. . . I’m sorry I yelled, I was just stressed.” 

“No, it’s okay I know and we both yelled.” He nodded and turned away. They walked for about an hour making small talk before they came to an opening in the trees. On the other side was a dirt road. 

“Right or left?” Jodi asked, looking both ways. Amelia bent down, looking at the dirt. There were horse prints in the dirt heading left. 

“I would say left based on these tracks,” she said standing up. 

“Works for me,” said Jase starting left. As they walked something large came into view in the distance. 

“Is that what I think it is?” Asked Jodi. 

“Yeah, I think that’s a castle.” 


To be continued