Green Eyes, Blue Skies


(Image via Wallpaper Cave)

Jaycob Davis, Writer


 When the sky turns grey, and we are laying under the sky looking at all the stars above, I am home. Looking into your eyes, the world does not know how I fall for you. How I love you is the way the sun loves the moon as it sets to let her breathe. When you tell me we are going far, I know we will soon be with the stars, soaring above the world below like we have nothing else to worry about. As the moon comes up to breathe tonight will you remember me? I know you will, because in the moments that the moon goes up and the sun goes down are the moments we hold each other close, and we know we will never be together fully, but in those moments I am home. With you, looking at those green eyes under the baby blue skies feeling no worry in the world; I have my world next to me. Our hands bound at the words I love you, your love engraved forever in my soul and we will never be far apart because, in the end, you always have my heart with you no matter where you go and I hope you know that. These words on the page will never be enough to explain the way that I love you and maybe the world won’t ever know, but as long as you know then I don’t care what they say about it. My world is brighter with you in it and I cannot describe it to you in only words, but rather in both words and commitment. All the things I say in the poems I write about you, are always primarily about your eyes, and to me, that’s important because I’ve always adored them. The color, shape, and the way you look around or blink. Our friendship is more than just talking, it’s you’re there for me and I’m there for you, loving each other even when we don’t agree, learning to communicate even when we don’t know what to say. I can’t put into words how much your eyes bring me happiness, I love you. More than the air I breathe, because you light up my purpose by being the way you are, by being by my side through all of the good and bad, you are my other half and so much more to me. Adoring you is easy because you have more than just physically beautiful, but you are spiritually beautiful. Nobody compares to you and the way I adore you, not just your eyes but everything about you from the way you roll your eyes at my jokes or the way you cover your laugh when you’re shy, I love everything about you. You make me happier than anybody else in this world could ever make me.