Why It’s Still Important to Stay on Top of School


(Image via 660 News)

Morgan Cottrill, Writer

Though we are no longer in school, staying on top of schoolwork is just as important. It may be harder to find the motivation or to just find time to take care of school but grades are still important. Grades are now “pass or incomplete” but they still matter. You may not care because you were set on getting A’s or B’s but grades still have a percentage. You should still be wanting to do well in school because it’s still important. 

Some people feel that because there are no more letter grades that they don’t need to try as much as long as they are passing. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Grades still really matter and an incomplete grade could lead to you having to retake a class or doing credit recovery. Also don’t think that you can just barely listen and pass the class then move on. That would not be a good thing to do especially if it’s a core class that builds on next year. You still want to try your best to learn new concepts and pay attention so that way next year you know what’s going on and you don’t have to play catch up. Without a teacher, it may feel difficult to grasp new things but still try and it’s important you do to do well. Also, you should email or ask teachers questions because it is not helping you, and working on schoolwork at home is already hard enough. 

Sometimes it’s hard to just sit down and do school because you’re at home. Also that fact you not getting those letter grades as a reward for your studies is upsetting. So it’s hard to find the motivation to do work. It’s gonna pile up quickly and those teachers are being relaxed. You should still stay on top of things. It will make things way easier. For some people, it’s hard to feel that school is just as important without letter grades but you can always look at the percentage and still aim for your goal. Though if grades are not something you care about and you just want to pass then just look forward to summer. Think about if you pass you will have a free summer. Just always look for things that will get you to be productive and remember the importance of doing your school.

School for some can’t be a number one priority but because it’s important reaching out to your teachers so you can do what works for you that way you can do well in school is a great idea. Sometimes life happens too and you miss class. It’s fine just reach out to your teacher. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to do that day of week’s work. Getting things done anytime is better than never. You probably hear that a lot but it’s true. Just because school is through your computer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend. Still, log on and go to class. It’s the best thing to do. Don’t blow it off and skip because you’re not physically in class. 

Overall school is still a big deal. It may be harder and more flexible but still, give your best. This situation looks different for everyone and we all have different priorities but just try and do what you can to do good in school.