Why Having Friends is Good for You


(Image via Dreamstime.com)

Morgan Cottrill, Writer

Everyone has a friend or at least someone that’s you go to at any time for any reason. Whether it be an adult or a kid your age or just appear from school having that person is important. For some, getting friends or having friends is hard but it’s good for everybody to have a friend to recognize how important it is. People who are social at least a little bit in the and people who have a friend or a good friend group are healthier, typically more active and learn to trust people better than people that don’t Have a solid friendship. Friends are an outlet for someone to talk to, complain to, or just vent to, and if you have a good one they listen. They help you in situations and get you to do things you never thought you would. As well as always just being there for you. Having this just is an overall benefit to your health and it’s good for stress and to grow and learn. If not that just someone to have a good time with. 

      Starting with the social aspect of why a friend is good for you is that friends get you out and about to have fun. Whether that’s trying something new going out for lunch or just shopping. Having a friend come over and hang out is a fun way to socialize when it’s with one or a few of your friends. It’s always good for you. Staying alone is very fun for most people but even if you do enjoy getting out and being social and having a good time is good for you. Staying in your room on your phone all day isn’t good and when you have friends that like to go and do fun things can be good for you. 

     Adding to that when you go out with friends you’re not just sitting around. That means physically friends keep you active. I’m sure there’s many of us that if it weren’t for friends that tell us to go out and have fun will be sitting all day in our rooms. Friends make physical activity fun even if it’s in PE class, we’re going on a walk. It’s better. By having a good friend or group of people to hang out with it keeps you productive which is good for you.

      Also having friends is amazing. Whether you’re both having a rough time or just one of you was having a rough time it’s always good to practice compassion to one another. Or when both are feeling down you have someone to relate to which some people don’t have and it really sucks. But when you have a friend it makes everything better. You can relate different friends for different things so when you have mini friends or different friend groups it makes hard times even easier. No, I recognize that everybody has lots and lots of friends but hopefully, you at least have someone there for you. Also like I said earlier friends are a really good way to relieve stress and there is a very good outlet. Good friends are friend groups that you can tell things to without worry and you can tell them anything to get stuff off your chest. That’s something that’s really good to practice because it helps you grow as a person and learn to trust people. We don’t have friends or you can do that with it’s hard to learn that. That’s why having reliable friends is really good for you mentally. Is this who is this stressed or might hurt you. Friends should also affect you positively mentally live. They shouldn’t be a problem or create stress or drama they should just be there for you and you should be there for them. 

      Always perfect with friends or friend groups and they won’t go completely smoothly because no friendship does. There’s nothing you can do to prevent it or fix it but it’s not all bad. Overcoming challenges as friends discussing things or finding your way between issues with them is a good way and it helps you grow. With friends, you learn differences in how to respect them and having friends helps you find yourself  

      Overall friends improve your whole life making you happier, healthier and they’re always good to have. Without friends, I’m sure lots of us would be lost. Sometimes they complete us. We love them, care for them and they do the same back. That’s why relationships with friends are so important. For me and I’m sure many other friends are what keeps lifeline. If it weren’t for friends I’m sure a lot of people will be lost because friends keep each other on track. Friends do so much for each other and I hope everyone knows the importance of friendship and how important their friends are to them.