5 Things to Do in Quarantine


(Image via VOX ATL)

Gwendolyn Woods, Writer

Since everyone is bored in their house, wondering what to do all day, here are some tips to help you figure out what to do while in this quarantine. This is a hard time for everyone but it is important that you keep yourself and others safe during this global pandemic. This may be a hard time but there are many things you can do to make it a little less sucky!

Be Creative

You can take this time for granted and create some beautiful things! YOu can write poetry, draw, paint, basically anything! Creating things is a way to deal with stressful times, and if you get anxiety from this situation it may help you to create something to keep your mind off of everything that is going on. Creating things is also very fun, and calming! Most importantly, it’ll give you something to do.

Write letters

Writing letters to friends or family members could be a fun thing to connect with your loved ones. Writing letters is also something that those people will love and cherish forever, and will be able to look back on and enjoy all over again. It also will give you something to do and will be pretty fun, not just for you but for others involved as well! It will also be a healthy reminder to the person that they are not alone, and though you aren’t there physically you still care about them and are looking out for them!

Start a New Show

Starting a new show will occupy you for hours on end. If you find a good show that you genuinely enjoy you can watch that all day every day, and never really get bored! Even better, you could watch a show with your family members to try and connect with them over this break. Watching a show will always be a good cure for boredom.

Watch TikTok

Many people recently are obsessed over TikTok, and never get bored of it. Because every swipe is a new video it will occupy you for hours on end each day! It is something you can do if you just want to pass time, and it definitely will help the days go by quicker! It can also be a way to create new online friends, so you don’t feel so alone!

Facetime and/or Call Family and Friends

Another way to feel connected to people you love and miss is to call them and catch up on everything (though it’s probably not a lot) But it’ll help create a feeling like you are actually with them! Though this time may be really hard and frustrating at times, calling a friend may be helpful to cool off. 

Though this time is hard for everyone it is important we still find ways to be happy and be in touch with ourselves. All these things will help you become even a little bit happier and at the least give you something to do! Remember to check in on the people you love and keep in contact with them so everyone feels a little less lonely during this time! I hope everyone stays safe and well during this pandemic!