Why It’s Beneficial For School to Start at Nine


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Jennifer Campos, Writer

Schools should be aware of how much the students need extra time to do sports, homework and other personal events. Sometimes students don’t get enough sleep to even pay attention to the teachers which later affects them because they have to keep pulling all-nighters. This is a constant issue that the students struggle with and something that the teachers and principals should be aware of. Many issues come from this like low attendance rate and bad grades. This is something that can affect and is affecting the students because they don’t have enough time to do everything. School starting at 9 would help because then they would accomplish more than what they already do plus they would get more sleep.

The fact that many students try to push themselves so colleges notice that they are involved in many activities and constantly try to be their best is hard if students run out of time. Students are constantly busy doing homework, sports, going to family events, or going to work. These activities are something that gets in the way of students getting sleep, attending school or getting good grades. Time is a big factor that the student body needs in order to be able to do good in school and in any sports. So, school giving them an extra hour would be great because then students wouldn’t be late all the time, they would get sleep and probably do better in school overall. This is something that students need in order to be successful because they need to have extra time to do everything they need. 

Many things could get in the way of students being successful. Schools need to comprehend that their students are constantly busy and as they go from grade to grade, things get harder. Juniors and seniors are the ones that have the busiest lives because most of them have a job, are preparing for college and get busy with work and not get enough sleep and just not do good in school. Giving them an extra hour is better because sometimes family and friends can also be a distraction in order for students to get their work done so it would help them finish the work. This is something that has to be a factor because of the way that family and friends can influence students to go out and when they go home they have to pull all-nighters to do work. There are many students who constantly sleep in the middle of class because they are tired or will they just skip class to sleep in because they didn’t get enough sleep. In order for students to do well, they need to be energized enough to learn and actually do well in school.

These factors should be taken into account and schools should consider changing the arrival time to 9 because students need that extra time to sleep and be charged for school. They should consider students’ busy schedules and outside lives. This is just something that has to be done in order to help students to be more active and involved in school instead of skipping class to be able to sleep in. It would be greatly appreciated that the students have an extra hour to sleep in or do work because students need to stop sleeping in class or not attending class at all. Students’ attendance rate would increase, grades would increase, and students wouldn’t be sleeping in the middle of class. Students would only benefit from this and it would be a great way to improve many things in students and the schools as well.