Red Roses


(Image via Jaycob Davis)

Jaycob Davis, Writer

In a world of black and white, we chose to see color, to see the other. Seeing things in a way that no one else had thought could be forever, a temporary vision enabled by the overwhelming feeling of falling in love. Not just falling in love, but falling in love with the one who’s right, who will be by your side through your darkest times. When somebody you care about cares about you as well, all seems perfect. The ‘temporary vision’ but when it comes to you it’s different. The feeling has been here for as long as I can remember. Remember the way you introduced yourself. When you gave me the rose in freshman year, I held onto them because even as they began to quickly wilt they still had aesthetic beauty and a sentimental value because they had come from you. 

Ever since then we’ve become two people, who believe in the reality of the way falling can feel if you fall right and not everything is right at the right time as we’ve learned from our mistakes, but I am so grateful for the path it had created. Your rose is gone now but it doesn’t even matter, because we have each other and to me, that is more valuable. Even though we may be a few miles apart, you’ll always be in my heart no matter the distance. The roses in my heart for you are ever red, they’ll never die and that is not a lie because my love for you could never die, it only prospers as the days go on, as the months turned into years our love brought us here. As two best friends in a world of blue and green, but you are truly all I need.

You made me believe that life has a meaning, but we have to look beyond the surface to see the reason why we breathe, it is not just given to us, we have to find where things are right. As the years pile onto each other, the more I become aware that you are my lover and though our old times may be over, they will never die as long as the love continues to grow into tall roses with bright red petals. Roses won’t grow unless you water it and by continuing to grow with you, my love is continuously prospering into a beautiful array of roses with bright green stems and the sky may not always be blue, but as long as I have you, the sky’s color is none of my concern because you make it all worth it. Trusting that by the time that time ends all together that our garden is still prospering and is as vibrant as could be. Till the end, you’ll be my best friend. A promise to you and to myself that you will have me until we’re dead, but even death couldn’t take me away from you, because everything I do revolves around you and us.