Traveling to Argentina


(Image via Enchanting Travels)

Anna Hansen, Writer

Argentina is a magical country located in South America.  One of the greatest parts of this country is its wonderful natural beauty.  This includes one of the most amazing natural beauties in the whole world, Iguazu Falls.  Another one of its amazing beauties is Los Glaciares National Park. The last place that you must go to is Aconcagua.

Iguazu Falls is an absolutely amazing place to see.  This wonderful sight is not just one waterfall, but actually has over 275 waterfalls.  According to Uniglobe Carefree Travel , “There is a legend to explain the falls: God wanted to marry Naipí, an Aborigine girl against her wish. She escaped on a canoe with her human lover, Tarobá. Upon realizing this, he got angry and separated the River Iguazu by creating deep falls so that the two will be condemned to an eternal fall.”  So, Iguazu Falls isn’t only about its beauty, but its interesting history. On, it says that Iguazu Falls has, “1.5 million visitors each year”.  Clearly, it is a popular site and a must-see when you are traveling in Argentina. 

Los Glaciares National Park is a wonderful place to go.  It is covered in beautiful glaciers and “Many of these glaciers are fed by the massive South Patagonian Ice Field. . .”, says Whc.Unesco.  This National Park is absolutely beautiful, but something very devastating is happening to this wonderful place.  As many of us know, climate change is horrible. However, what many people may not know is that Los Glaciares National Park is being affected by climate change.  According to The Atlantic, “In Los Glaciares, part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, most of its 50 large glaciers have been retreating during the past half-century due to warming temperatures, according to the European Space Agency.”  This is absolutely devastating news to hear about, especially considering how magical this place is. Which is why you should first off, make sure to greatly reduce your carbon emissions, and second off, make sure that if you are ever nearby, to stop by and explore Los Glaciares National Park. 

The last place that you must visit in Argentina, is Aconcagua.  Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Western and Southern hemispheres.  According to LiveScience Aconcagua was, “ . . . formed as the result of subduction of the oceanic Nazca Plate under the South American continent . . .”  Now if you are going to Aconcagua with the expectation to climb it you better be ready, because the climb to the summit is 22,841 feet.  Overall, Aconcagua is extremely pretty, but if you decide to climb it, be ready for a crazy workout. 

In conclusion, Argentina is an absolutely beautiful country and if you ever visit there be sure to check out Iguazu Falls for its wonderful waterfalls and being an amazing attraction not only for tourists but for the people that live there.  Don’t forget to check out Los Glaciares National Park before Climate Change makes it lose even more of its natural beauty. Plus, make sure to try and reduce your carbon emissions so that way this National Park will be able to stay preserved and share its beauty with all who come to see it.  Lastly, make sure to stop by Aconcagua and maybe even climb it, if you’re brave enough. Overall, if you ever visit Argentina, make sure to have an amazing time there and check out these beautiful places.