Why a Triangle is the Best Sandwich Shape

(Image via This Week For Dinner)

(Image via This Week For Dinner)

Matthew Lowther, Writer

The sandwich is one of the easiest and well-known foods‒people all across the country eat one every day for lunch. Everyone likes their sandwich different, maybe some like theirs sweeter with jelly or Nutella, others might like their on the spicy side with pepperoni and maybe some hot sauce, but with every sandwich, you will need to make a tough decision. Do you cut it into triangles or rectangles?

Another controversy about a sandwich is the crust, whether you like it, or hate it, the crust area is where the main sandwich fillings are the most sparse. When you eat a rectangle sandwich there are two corners where there is the least amount of fillings and the most amount of crust. When eating a triangle cut sandwich you only get one corner that you have to eat through. When you first start to eat your sandwich you also get a plus with siding with the triangle, because there is a small angle with only one edge of crust you get the perfect opening to your meal, where you can start your sandwich adventure with a fantastic first bite.

The geometric proportions don’t lie either when they say a triangle sandwich is the best. The wider the angle is for a sandwich is the harder it is to eat, because of its exponential increase in length, with a hight that stays the same. An average human mouth can only open to 70mm wide, if eating any rectangular cut sandwich you will either start off with a ninety-degree angle, or a flat one hundred and eighty angle, both of these make the person eating have to take a smaller, uncomfortable first bite. A triangle cut sandwich avoids this problem, due to the sandwich being cut on the two angles it creates four new forty-five degree angles. These angles make the sandwich only half as wide on the first bite, giving the optimal eating experience.

Sharing a sandwich gets incredibly easier when cutting in triangles. If you try to cut a sandwich into two rectangular halves, you have to guess where the even cutting line is to make it equal. This could make one person get a lot more sandwich than another, even if they’re trying their best, but when you cut on the corners it is simple to cut perfect every time. If you cut your sandwich directly on the intersection of the two corners to the other intersection you will get two exact halves every time. Even if you aren’t sharing the evenness can create a way for you to save exactly half for later, or make sure you get the same portion twice of the sandwich.

The triangle is the strongest shape, both structurally and sandwich wise. It provides the most comfort when enjoying a sandwich and ease to eat it thoroughly. In a fast-paced world where everyone tries to get better technology and improve everything people can overlook true perfection, although rare, a sandwich cut into the shape of a triangle is that true perfection.